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President Trump condemned the package bomb sent to democratic leaders who have been critical of his administration. Mr. Trump said the country must come together against threats of political violence. CBS news reports law enforcement is saying one of the bombs consisted of PVC tubing and a digital clock connected to a small battery possibly as a triggering device. Pyro Technic powder was the explosive and glass was used as strap Noel, President Trump pledged all federal resources will be used to track down those responsible for sending packages containing explosives to promise. Senate Democrats, including former President Barack Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, we're extremely angry upset unhappy about what we would this this morning, and we will get to the bottom of it CBS's. Jeff gays has more. There is a thread here, a common thread, the people who are receiving these packages, or at least the people whose whose packages have been addressed to them while they have this in common. They are Democrats or affiliated with democratic causes democratic leader Chuck Schumer, a Nancy Pelosi said the president's call for unity rings, hollow because of his past statements that condone acts of violence. Pam coulter. CBS news, Washington, it's seven oh, four Philadelphia. Police quickly deployed to key locations. Once word spread about those suspicious devices more from KYWZ Steve tower. Police Commissioner Richard Ross says his department is monitored. The Intel through direct links with all of the local and federal jurisdictions involved is on domestic counterterrorism unit has done a series of on site visits to media outlets in Philadelphia raw says they'll work with federal agencies to try to find Eddie nexus to Philadelphia to stay.

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