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It was that we're going to move into the first corner. First quarter, though, the NCAA had their second and final reveal. I don't know where I was. I thought there were three reveals maybe they cut it down to two this year. I need to look into that. Maybe it's my bad math. But the NCAA did their final reveal of the top sixteen seeds for the NCAA tournament. And basically what that is. The selection committee says if the tournament started today, these would be our top sixteen seeds, and the reason why that's important because the top sixteen seeds gets to host the first and second rounds so one seeds, according to the committee in order Baylor. Louisville Notre Dame Yukon to scenes, Oregon, Mississippi State, Stanford, Iowa three scenes NC state, Maryland, Oregon state, South Carolina. For Seve Miami. I will stay in tune new foresees this week the Syracuse orange in Texas A&_M. So that's a seating you'll have to go and look in terms of where everyone is we're not going to get into the regional setup right now. But it was much more balanced. Even Charley cream said on our on our broadcast on Monday that it was much more balanced three. I think we might have some recap for that. Let's let's play that from Monday. So Charlie when you see this reveal we've already seen one already this season. What stands out to you? Great sixteen. We had a little bit of a criticism. The last time three weeks ago this one nothing really to point to. Critique the interesting things, I think you alluded to Maria Louisville in Chicago Notre Dame and Portland as the two overall in the three overall. Now what happens in the tournament? I think determines whether those two teams stay in those regions. If they even stay number one seeds, or if they flip flop in maybe Notre Dame gets to go to Chicago. But then Louisville would be the team in Portland. I think that's going to be the number one thing to watch during championship. We. Okay. So maybe I am going to go into the regional six Charlie went there. Here are the regions as were laid out by the selection committee. It was Portland Notre Dame one seed Oregon to South Carolina, three Syracuse four Greensboro region Baylor one Iowa to NC state three Texan saying in four Chicago region. Louisville one Stanford to Maryland three Iowa State four in Albany region uconn won Mississippi State to Oregon state three Miami four what Charlie looted tea is that some people are surprised at Notre Dame is not in Chicago in. Instead, it's horrible Notre Dame beat Louisville head to head. Notre Dame has the number one strength of schedule. They did lose to an unranked North Carolina team without Jackie young who just finished her season with a back to back. Triple doubles. Do. I think Notre Dame should be in Chicago. Oh, I think that they should be the higher number one seat. So yes, I think they should be in Chicago already based on what I just shared Louisville has had a fantastic season. But you know, what I'm okay with them digging it out in the ACC tournament. I'm okay would say whoever makes it through the ACC, which is the number one conference RPI right now, which is on fire coming into the tournament of your girl. I'm okay with that. I'm okay with saying, you know, what whoever should get that number one seed earn. It earn its Asia was announced ACC player of the year..

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