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Call for help. They're saying they want to kill me. They're saying that they want me as their guaranteed it. Joshua Holt, an American citizen and his wife, Tammy, found themselves trapped inside a Venezuelan prison cell in the middle of a violent uprising spurred on by horrendous conditions and practices. How did two people go from just married to justice denied? He says, Okay. Do you have guns here in Venezuela? And I said, No. I don't have guns here in Venezuela. The police. Take Josh. They asked me you want to be with your husband? Yes, A Utah family says their son is sitting in a Venezuelan jail after they say he was framed for being a U. S spy. I'm Becky Bruce, the host of Hope in darkness. I've spent the last year working with Josh and Tammy to tell their story how they awoke in the early morning hours just days after their honeymoon. To a raid from armed men how they would go nearly two years rarely seeing the sun mm. Helping to keep Arizona from becoming California, Russell and Hunter this afternoon at four telling your smart speaker to play 5 50 K f Y I Oh, Joe Biden is being called Mr President in name only primarily because everyone sees how greatly diminished years. And the people are people are waking up to the fact latest polls showing that The latest polls out to show that a 50 what 51 52% of Americans believe that Joe Biden is not calling the shots. Let me repeat that A majority of Americans believe that Joe Biden is not Calling the shots. That means the majority of Americans who are paying attention to the news think that they're lighting, too, because the news is trying to portray Joe Biden as if he's calling the shots. It's amazing 31 32% of Democrats don't believe that Biden is calling the shots. That number is in the eighties, when it comes to two Republicans innocent the fifties or maybe sixties, when we're talking about independence so again. When you see the media blowing up Biden When he's given these policy tours. The reality is the Emperor has no clothes. Now there are some foreign outlets news outlets that are pointing that out. In America's that view that I mean, they know exactly. You always did agree. I should say, Let's just over half of America that views this big agreed. This guy. Yes. Not in control. So when we see him making the rounds we see him going to to, uh, to Lake Forest without Lake force will use in Chicago was Chicago suburb yesterday. Spinning or spelling out his plan to the to the suburbs. You know he's not behind this. Who's Whose plans are these? President Joe Biden talked about today is human infrastructure..

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