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If it was voter fraud he found. It was voter. Fraud being conducted that helped donald trump not voter fraud. That helped joe biden. This is what we're dealing with. It is it is amateur hour. And that's unfortunate it is it's not good. It's embarrassing and a lot of people have built their hopes on this to overturn the election. And it's not gonna happen. I mean this. Is lynn woods evidence in federal court georgia. This is one of the reasons that the lawyers got essentially laughed out of court by the federal judge in georgia yesterday. And now you've got. Cd powell and and rudy giuliani peddling conspiracy theory about the Dominion voter systems. But here are the facts. Let me let me just give you the facts. The affidavits that we have that are public. Say that the machines could be hacked. Not that they were hacked. They're using statistical evidence. That is actually evidence. They're using this analysis saying look in these areas for vote fraud well. Some of that statistical analysis involves georgia. They have looked in georgia. The hand count in the machine can align perfectly. They're claiming that a system called smart. Matic had software put on these dominion voter that the problem is not only. Is there no evidence that the smart matic voting system was installed on the dominion voter system. But that those companies don't have a business relationship Sydney powell claims that they have some business relationship or that dominion voter systems are is successor technology to smart matic. That's not true. That's indisputably not true. In fact smart matic doesn't have a it. Software running on any of the swing state. Computers that anyone's complaining. About in fact smart mannequin dominion voting systems. Haven't had a business relationship except one time in two thousand nine in an election in the philippines and they wound up suing each other. So where's the evidence at this point. I find it deeply irresponsible to be making these sorts of claims. And then say well we're not gonna give any of you people the evidence to see we're not going to give any of you. People the evidence. I just rudy giuliani. Doing his my cousin vinny impression. I don't think actually helps the situation. Just assign it to somebody just assign a to rudy. Giuliani when rudy giuliani. And maybe johnny show up to vote and if he does show up to vote. We'll give him a provisional about that is what we call circumstantial evidence of the fraud. The direct evidence of the front of the people who will testify that in fact. That's what happened to them. As well as the fifty to sixty witnesses we have for the way they were treated and not allowed to inspect the ballots. They weren't just not allowed to do it. They were pushed few cases. They were assaulted in all cases. They will put an corral so far away. Probably the closest got from here to the back of that room we can do like a jewel. Watch my cousin vinny metrics one of my favorite movies because he comes from brooklyn and the nice lady who said she saw and then he he says to how many fingers things got up and she says three plus she was too far away to see it was only to. These people were further away than my cousin. Vinny was from witness.

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