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Two thousand nineteen when we could gather any small conference room with some beverages and. Have a little relaxing afternoon without large concerns looming over our head you're not though. We've side pod gang because I did get Jenny onboard with a new show and Jonathan Jones our former colleague who works at CBS Jenny sister my wife former editor Bet Marston. We have we have a powerhouse chat on Wednesdays now during lifetime's married at first sight and let me tell you what it we're cooking with gasoline right now I mean this is You know we're we`re We're figuring out this social distance thing like we. I think we've got it. I have to say that my sister was really a spark and not first week breakout star the breakout star. She didn't know who everybody on the Texas chain was. She didn't have everybody's number she had she knew who you and me were but she didn't know exactly which number correspondent to which other person so I will have to instructor. But despite that she was bringing lots of new information about some of the contestants that she had looked up and had lots of insightful commentary. She's a seasoned expert of murder sight like Connor so could really provide that that depth of knowledge analysis. Yeah I would say to that you know, hey, if any of our listeners by the way you know we would love to do another mailbag episode soon. So weakside pod at that's weakside pod at g mail dot com you can ask us about married at first sight. You can ask us about football you can ask us about. I. Don't know books or reading during social distancing. I just finished my. Fifth Book since Kovic started this is not like a brag but sounded a little bit like it but know your personality I knew better. No. Yeah. In some of them are very bad but I felt the need to get through them. And so I just my other hall from Amazon started derived today. Own So. Hard. That was really good shelby well, done show I. enjoyed that. Yeah He. But you know we got another hall books like if you're reading anything good drop us a line and on weakside Potty Mel. Dot Com. You know you can ask us about any of that stuff too I mean you know we're we're around and we might need we're gonNA have some time it l.. I don't think we're going to get rolling anytime soon here or some vegetable recipes that was our attorney podcasts idea for today, and you know Connor and I have always had this kind of backup plan that you know if our careers went south we could. START A. Vegetarian or Vegan what did we decide or just vegetable base talk based talk vegetable talk called. New Jersey. Neither us have any experience in the restaurant business. So this is a wildly. Unlikely. IDEA. But you know it's always been kind of our backup plans if you have any vegetable based Ideas that we keep in our back pocket for. Or was it roots? Okay for route. Okay. Wanted to make sure that I'm. Just kinda bouncing that too because I actually was thinking about this the other day break texted you during a particularly I don't know what was what was going on but I was like Oh man like maybe I will need a backup plan at some point and there was a vacant restaurant space near my house. I remember this I passed it not too long ago and I don't know why. But like I think I was on a run or something and I was like Oh you know what? Like if we're going to do the the vegetarian correal like we have to think about alternative Tortilla like a vegetable base Tortilla that is gluten free and like I don't know why. But like I started my mind started kind of going off that way. So anyway, if you have any of that too like if there's a way to make beat Tortilla I like that you know we really we cover all of our basis here before we start talking to investors. I've had almond flour tortillas but that presents an issue for people. If they have a tree nut allergy that's another option they good. Oh neither pretty good. They're pretty good. Yeah. I prefer corn tortillas but but yeah, it was it was interesting to try. So yeah. Well, thank you for joining us today for our burning questions. And we will be back later on this week with a another podcast. The QB weakside podcast is me Jenny rentis and Connor, or we are produced by Shelby Royston s is executive producer podcasts. Scott Brody then eagles director of editorial projects and product. Mark Marievic is a MARANISS executive director.

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