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Thirty four in Longwood. Manager. The glass depot says he's not worried about damage to the building out to their family. I couldn't even imagine what they're going through right now. This tragedy f- HP says, norm Torres may have had a medical episode before crashing into the building single use plastics, and polystyrene are now a thing of the past in Orlando's owned and operated spaces this makes arlando the first city in this state to ban plastic straws bags and styrofoam is will apply to city parks and venues, including the Amway center Camping World stadium. And the Dr Phillips center city did put an exception, allowing vendors to have plastic straws at get togethers with less than one hundred people. It was a popular topic on the open, Mike. I'm so glad that our Landau is leading the campaign against plastic products. Absolutely hate paper straws that guy note by the strolls. They get soggy amounts. Get rid of plastic straws unbelievable. The policy doesn't fully go into effect until October Trina scales. News ninety six point five. Seminole county man ends up in jail after using an elaborate setup to cover his license plate. Dash Cam fetish shows trooper pulling over John Guevara after seeing his license plate was obscured turns out, he was using a remote that pulled a shield over his license plate blogging, the letters and numbers for being read as he went through the toll. Kim Montas from f- HP says that this is at stealing, you're stealing from the state Guevara was placed into jail on a felony charge of cheating, or growth fraud all over a two dollar and twenty five cent toll he was trying to avoid brandy. Hastings news ninety six point five WDBO near Los Angeles, are looking for whoever shot a man right in the middle of a busy mall yesterday. Builder. I've been panicked ever since reporter Eileen for your says, dozens of officers responded, estimator say a suspect shot. A man inside the Delano fashion center in Torrance. The victim is expected to survive. The shooting happened just before three o'clock in the afternoon, officers with police dogs searched the area for the suspect. Investigators believe he's between twenty to twenty five years old right now. There's no motive a warning from the food and Drug administration. This morning base say they found substantial levels of a worrisome, class of nonstick, stain-resistant, industrial compounds grocery store, meats, seafood, and in off the shelf chocolate cake. A federal toxicology report last year cited links between high levels of the compounds which is also used in firefighting foam in people's blood and health problems. They've been dubbed forever chemicals because they take thousands of years to degrade, and because some cumulate in people's bodies. It's been thirty years. The day..

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