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The Customs Trail. They all happened in August, Arlington police say. On multiple occasions, he yelled It walkers and joggers who were in his way as he was bicycling on the trail, then exposed his backside to them, and in other incidents, he hit trail goers in the head, face or neck. Marlo's facing charges, including indecent exposure, assault and battery and possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute after police found evidence to support that charge in his home. He was arrested Sunday and is being held without bond. Michelle Morello W T. O P News Murder investigation underway Montgomery County after a man was found shot in a parking lot in Gaithersburg, The victim, identified as 37 year old Mark Earl Leonard Webb found yesterday morning in the 9300 block of Willow Creek Drive Police asking anyone with information time to the death to give them a call sends his handed out in the Jamal CA show G murder trial, but many wonder if Justice will be done. CBS News correspondent Vicki Barker has more from the foreign desk in London Two years after his grisly murder in the Turkish consulate. A Saudi court has jailed eight people for between seven and 20 years. Ares for the murder of Jamal Kashiwagi. None of the defendants was ever named. The court had already concluded cash. Augie's murder and believed dismemberment was not premeditated or ordered by anyone in power, and these sentences, like the trial itself are likely to be rejected as illegitimate. By international jurists. Vicki Barker CBS NEWS London, a Labor Day rally held by journalists from the Capital Gazette, protesting against their publisher for shutting down their newsroom employees met outside the newsroom. Claiming to pack up a few remaining things, but they couldn't because the paper's owner, Tribune Publishing revoked.

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