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One more quick. Mark fest question from Facebook where he asked we'll companies such as SpaceX eventually make NASA obsolete. Yeah. But let me let me give a counter argument there. I'm to do something. I yes, that's expensive and dangerous. Doesn't really come with a business model? That's very short venture capitalist meeting. What are you doing? Humans on Mars. How much the cost? I don't know trillion dollars dangerous. Yes. When people die probably what's the return on investment, nothing. Yeah. So how do you do that? I I my research of the history of this exercise. Yeah. Says the governments do this first then they find the trade winds and the patents that are candid. And then private enterprise comes up behind that that I'm saying you would never have that band is goal of sending a million people. You would just have a few pioneers who would go. I mean, the point is that space is it's not like climate change governments have to coordinate. It doesn't have to be everyone agree in it can be just one corporation doing it individually. Therefore, there's much greater freedom to feed them and decision. Yes. And a greater capacity for accepting risks good point because the FAA doesn't want people dying note in so that might so that might actually be a delaying force compared to what you're. He wants the wild west. Who smoke around the back of the school? Yeah. Yes. Yes. All right. We gotta take our next break. And when we come back more cosmic queries on the future of humanity with sir. Martin REEs and may Figgins Clinton.

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