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I had in money news. Those plastic bag taxes add up. I'm Jeff Gable. Steve dresner is in the traffic center. In Maryland and Montgomery county. On the inner loop of the capitol bill we approaching New Hampshire avenue crash activity all clear no delays in either direction on the bellway in Montgomery county or prince George's county. Currently on 95 in the BW Parkway, between the two beltways, we are a bit slow, however, westbound on route 200 the ICC, at George avenue, the road where currently set up has only a single lane getting by. Traffic moving nicely in both directions on I two 70 with no issues to report on route 50, currently at the Chesapeake Bay bridge where seeing through our traffic cameras, two lanes open east bounded to the right that are getting over the westbound span, and we're in decent shape also on route three O one no problems report over at the nice Mac Middleton bridge. In the district, we've cleared up a broken down east capital street ramp to go to southbound D.C. two 95 that eastbound ramp all open, broken down camper, cleared from the roadway, staying in the district, traffic still moving slowly, southbound on D.C. two 95 after eastern avenue of the road where currently set up lock and Elaine Steve dresner, WTO traffic. Chuck bell with a check of our forecast, typically hot and humid weather for Washington, this time of the year, our average high temperature for today is 89. Yesterday, the average was 90, so we're

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