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Standard right? Like I can't see. I can't see my sister who lives 10 minutes away. Ryan Calvert Camo news Homeowners. Time is to 40 as we head over to the Beacon Plumbing, Sports desk and Lewis has our latest sports action. Setting up for a great finish at the 18 T final round at Pebble Beach. With Daniel Berger and Nick Lashley sharing the lead at 16 under par Maverick, McNealy is alone in third at minus 15. Patrick can't lay in fourth place at 14 under par. Logjam in fifth, Charley Hoffman and Cameron Tringale, Paul Gacy and Jordan speech that 13 under par. Women's college basketball. The loss for the Huskies falling to number 10, Arizona on the road final of 75 to 53 Queen Miller 13 points, nine boards. He'll even dyke with 12 points, four rebounds. Washington state laws to Arizona State 67 61, Charlie's Leisure walker, but the way with 29 Sports attending 40 past the hour. I'm Dave Lewis. Come on news with so many great options to choose from in the sheets. Three for five app sampler. You'll have plenty to share mix and match any of your favorites and get all three for just five bucks like Mac and cheese bites. Mozzarella sticks boneless wings, You know, I think about you Don't Really have to share the three for five sampler. Order on your sheets up and pick it up curbside sheets run and done. Recently Total wireless help Charlie Michelle State of virtual Dance recital for her friends and family. This event was super meaningful to them, because when you moved to total wireless, you could get amazing devices on nationwide five G and with unlimited plan starting at $25 a month, you could save up to.

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