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The aid saw near the ncaa tournament championship game neuron epdci seems home floor at a legal riina in fort myers florida had with eleven forty two remaining but suceed lipscomb leads the top fg seen seventy eight sixty five it feels like a game again will perdue growth ftc youth with the script host totalling because of what they're doing on the defensive end of a floor pushing her 5 turnovers for lifted was created thirteen and and evolved with crashes aboard it was where they had a little bit of success in the first half but they pick up a second chance points here in the second half question is if fdc doesn't win this game be kicking themselves sufficiently as so why won't be doing this from the beginning of why will reap rushing ourselves with weighing his hard from the get go about this the biggest cheerleader on the floor uh joe doolan head coach gripped ecu is trying to get the fans into his waving his arms real sheets just took off his suit jacket michael brooklyn shooting wanted one for lips come out of a out each rains the first to make it seventy nine 65 duly part of the kansas national championship team in two thousand eight as bill self top assisted he's in his fifth year as the head coach adept tcu puck went missing the second fourteen point lead poor lipscomb ftc white told left with christian terror to sack johnson with thirty one points to lead the eagle's johnson crashing into the lane travel to turn over the euro step works in the nba but not in college why is that because they follow the.

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