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Investments dot com To find out why investors like you switched US Fisher Investments clearly different money management investments in securities involve the risk of loss. Trending now on NewsRadio 8 30 K H V. H. IM John Matthews Late Yesterday, the Department of Health updated the total number of covert 19 diagnoses across the state. Earlier in the day, it was announced as 53 total cases. But Dr Bruce Anderson, it a major press conference yesterday said that there was a delay with the data, blaming it on problems with the Elektronik record system. Late in the day. The Department of Health updated the number 2 152 new cases. As of yesterday of covert 19 In the state. 148 of those diagnoses came from the island of Oahu. Two new deaths were also announced within that 24 hours, including a Pearl City nursing home patient. The total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic now sits at 29. At that news conference. Several major announcements were made the Inter island quarantine law coming back, but it's only going to affect those traveling from Oahu to other islands. Neighbor islands such as Maui Kawai Big Island have saying relatively few cases as compared to Oahu. Mayor Caldwell announcing that beaches and parks across the island of Oahu, both city and state are closed. As of now and all the way through September 5th, you are allowed to walk across the park to the beach to get to the water, but you can't lounge around or loiter in the park team sports at Parks City and private pools are closed. Bowling alleys, mini golf courses, botanical gardens, all closed. On the island of Oahu. Authorities revealing more details about the deputy sheriff involved shooting at the airport. The shooting first reported as happening during a traffic stop. But now HPD says the deputy sheriff was doing routine checks and spotted the suspect. By an abandoned warehouse. The man is.

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