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Before our committee in an effort to curtail the investigation and cover up his business dealings with Russia is among the most serious today. We will do what's necessary to find out if that is true, Emily, Jane, FOX. Where is Michael Cohen in this because it seems like according to Anthony Cormie and the BuzzFeed story, this is not information that has come from Michael Cormie from Michael Cohen, Michael Cohen gave his testimony. He then spoke to the Muller investigation several times. It's quite possible that this is all in fact, it's likely this is all known by the Muller investigation. Michael Cohen spent seventy hours with investigators. I don't think that he left anything, particularly this kind of explosive information out of those interviews we know that the Muller team was very satisfied with Cohen ration-. We didn't get into any view into what they were satisfied with or why they were perhaps though satisfied. In fact, the fact that he lied to congress, and they recommend that he received no additional jail time for that indicated that they were very satisfied with this cooperation. And now we're getting a glimpse into what he was told. This is not some of the stuff we will hear when Cohen goes to testify in front of congress on February seventh because there are limits to what he will be able to discuss. When it comes to things like this and things related to the Muller probe. So the fact that we're getting this preview is very important. I'm sure he will be asked about this in a few weeks. But this is the kind of thing that he won't be able to elaborate himself on. Lost twenty four hours clearing my calendar for every so this is going to be interesting, please stay with us. Our panel's going to stay here. Coming up more on tonight's breaking news and later shutdown politics and its impact on Trump's presidential legacy eleventh hours. Just getting started on a Thursday night..

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