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Up their series with the Tigers today Giolito against Matt Manning, another one of the young pitchers. For the Tigers. Um, first pitch a little after 12 the pregame 11 30, right? We're done here a little more than an hour from now. Fred and Xander here on ESPN 1000. Let's go back to the phones, colours jumping out in We go to our guy out in Palm Beach Poly Poly. What's up, Polly? Hey, guys, How you doing? Well, Old cub fans are ready for the five year kind. That's about the happen again because they're going to not be signing any of these guys. If they don't get rid of them Now, I don't know who thinks they have a chance to win a What are you going to get to these guys? And I know you're only getting grand choices. That's all. Rick. It's locked. He broke Red. You're right. They got canned for 150 Million by the politicians of been regularly Ville. The dad watch has 300 million back. And Fred, I gotta disagree a little bit. Go into the playoffs. All those years don't confused activity with accomplishment. They weren't going to win anything. It was window dressing and get people from the largest off door fire in America, which is rich, But you also they're going to lose money this year. Well, they don't have it any time. You know, Go ahead. I'm sorry. What I'm saying is when you do make the play when you make the playoffs, I mean, obviously, the goal every year is to win, but you can't win until you make the playoffs. They did it for six years, right and they make money when they When they go to the playoffs, the teams make more money. And except when you lose 150 Million building hotel. It's supposed to be separate money. I used to have a partner who talked about you had the money in this drawer. You got the money in this drawer. And you pull the precept is also be separate money, so it shouldn't be. It shouldn't affect them, But unfortunately, it seems like it is and I'll tell you what Israeli sports in general are a little concerned about. I don't think people are going back to the games as much as people think they are. Who wants to go to soldier field? Uh, Thursday night came with the crying that exists. You want to walk that two miles your car on a Thursday night? It's like leading the lambs to slaughter. And I wonder why they want to move well, and Paulie Yes, There's a lot of reasons and we appreciate the call is always Paul from Palm Beach. He's telling us about the South Loop. Yeah, he's probably Yeah. You could walk a couple of blocks. Yeah, Crime can happen anywhere. I can We really say that a big amount of people are staying away because of crime. I don't think that's the case. I well, you know what? Last now his fireworks and I don't know how many people came downtown last night for fireworks, But I can pretty much guarantee you it's less than came down two years ago. Well include covid be part of that, too. I don't know. You know, we driving crime city could be a big a big factor in that. Look, I'm not saying that it's it is, you know, we're forgetting about that. But come on, Uh, it's a mess when fireworks are down here a lot of us and that live here. Avoid that all together. I used to come down to do a radio show at the Hancock I couldn't get to the building. It took me two hours to get to work and even worse, getting home. You stay away from that right? You can't you don't so it's not like you know, you've been around here for 20 years, and all said, you're going to fireworks every year. Look up in the sky Good, but it's a lot different now. It really is. I'm sure they said. I don't know what the numbers are Everything somewhere along the line. People talk about how the crowd for fireworks was down, right? It also might be down because it is a Saturday night. People can stay at home. Every community now has fireworks displays a lot of different figures. Why am I going to go all the way downtown? What? I can go out too often? The stage Grange or real burr winner wherever, right, Right. And the factors are numerous. And maybe maybe Covid could have something to do with it, too. Yeah, you know, I mean, you know the pandemic in the after effects. But as far as you know, are the Bears game is going to be less attended because they crime No, no, that's that's my point. Because people apart Royal Park, they'll still tailgate. They'll still do what they can do, and they'll still get the regular crowds. That's not going to change. But but up on the north side, you know he was talking about how you know they're not really going to do anything different. They're not spending money. And if they're still filling the park, and they're not spending money, a true business says You know, if you're packing the place do you have to spend the money you have to? If you're running a sports team, you should you have to have people keep coming out. Is your job as an or we've seen that before up north. That with the Tribune Company C but but Cub fans As a White Sox fan. I used to always say the Wrigley Field's always full the last 10 years. Cub fans. True confidence don't go. If the team's not working hard, they don't go just for the fun of it. Other fans will go right, but not the that makes and that makes it up. While sometimes sometimes and there were years there were, you know, they stop packing the place and the fans actually kind of showed what their displeasure it wasn't a great place to go anymore, and they started winning. New ownership that helped well see, that's the way it should always be. It was. Yeah, it should be right. The fans should go and their teams were playing well and winning. That's why you know, not that the white sacks 100%. They should have bigger attendances, and they should. They should have bigger attendances. There's no doubt about it. Now. I say that and I've been to one game this year. I know we're both guilty of that. I'm 64. I enjoy turning the TV on it, Uh, 6 10 and then flipping the radio on and sinking of the broadcast and watching the game at home, as opposed to happen to my car driving out of the game, sitting in the stands dealing with people just jumping up in front of me telling me to stand up. Whatever. Yeah, leave me alone. Nobody tells me what I'm sitting on my couch watching the game. I got to stand up for her Have their bring cups snakes down on the sunset. Oh, yeah, There were haven't seen the one game I went to. I didn't see it. Yeah, the way that's another thing that frustrates me about the Cubs. As they did the economics of what the Cup snake was so that one cup steak on the I think was the Cardinals Sunday night baseball game was around $40,000. Yes, that's a small section of the bleachers. You're telling me you're making about 40 grand off of that snake, but you're not going to go out and signed Chris Bryant. Yeah, like, how does that not piss you off as a cubs fan? Absolutely. How interested? Are they in in having a you know, in making a team, a winning team and spending all that money when they're packing the place. You know how it and they're dealing with all the other commercial stuff that they have going around there, But you don't want to have signing Bryant with $300 Million project do you know, but I also don't know if Kris Bryant's getting 300 million. I don't think he is either. That ship has sailed, but two years ago, So if you're the Cubs to say 2019 approach would have said Yeah, but I.

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