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What what scares me is like. I've gone against brady a lot. Right and the hardest personnel grouping that i ever had to defend was his jumbo package. People are underestimating. The fact that oj juice man is back so they have oj power. They get some three versatile tight right. So you match up against that. If they if they put three tight ends out there. I gotta go with a bunch of db's guess what they break the formation and they bludgeoned me to death. Because i got to sixty block it. One eighty five two hundred and if i leave linebackers out that break formation they isolate. My safety is back. It's about to be a problem. Tom brady has every personnel group. He has his two and three of everything. So louis riddick. I'm listening to this and we're talking about a defense. That was that was magnificent last year. Good enough to win a super bowl an offense that was really good and should be markedly better in the continuity and he knows what how to walk into and all that kind of stuff. Now the one thing. Tom brady has never done in his career and he came as close as just about anybody ever has is the perfect season what they keep me from saying. They could win every game. They play this year. There's nothing to keep you from saying that because it seems like the table is set for them to make a run at the only thing. That's keeping you from saying that as president is history. But we're no team has ever done it. You know has never won. Sixteen games in a regular season. Let alone now. You're asking team to win. Seventeen games in an unprecedented regular season. Where they're going to be dealing with so many different challenges. Least of which is attrition. How many guys are they going to be able to keep healthy all year long during the course of a normal football season where guys get hurt too. You're dealing with kobe. Tom brady's alluded to fact that this could be even more challenging the season then it was a year ago as far as keeping everybody healthy in three is really is the mindset not just a tampa bay but every team that goes against them in. Both barton would alluded to this earlier. You're having every team going. Look i'll be damned if they're gonna go seventeen in on our watch when they're playing we're going to give them their best shot and then for them. There's always the complacency factor that you're always going to have to deal with no matter. How good you are. They've been to the mountaintop. Do they ever cruise at some point in time. Do they ever take their foot off the gas or to slip a little bit mentally where they lose a game because there's a busted coverage protection a drop ball. There's so many things that have to go right for them every single week. I'm thinking back to the oh seven patriots and there was a stretch where they just blew everybody out and they went and tedy bruschi and tom brady went to bill. Don't take us out. We want to go for this. I would bet if they get in that position. Brady would do it again. But as that season went on they did not seem as dominant as they were earlier in the year and it seemed to get harder and harder each week and that was i. Don't think they win the super bowl the year before the patriot and they did not. Because that's when they went out and got randy moss in west welker and all these moves so this would be a monumental challenging issue right. Never put a single thing. Pass tom brady never doubt that he can do anything. But this would be almost as usual as making it until the age of forty four years old and starting your three hundred regular season game. The only quarterback to beat that team was eli manning. He's going to join us. Live in about twenty five minutes. Don't miss that conversation..

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