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Those are great players and Jared Allen's our best diner another mistake. You're so right John about these players being the GM there they bring in DeAndre, Georgia. And for double-figure salary when he's way past his Prime and now he's a boy. He's going to be there every day every minute Center. How is that going to work out? I mean, I like these three players. I don't know part and I look and Irving can make this work but man the pieces around them the coaching staff all that stuff concerns and it's going to be awesome. They just want to play like wage. They just want to play like they want to have a fun fun time out there. Do they they want to change over to just want to have a fun time with their friends playing, you know, like pickup style basketball. I don't know. What's interesting too is if their divorce division the style of schedules this year the Celtics going to be playing Brooklyn more than usual. They're going to be playing Philly more than usual and Toronto Rondo interesting schedule. We want all the time. I want to play to run a couple times next year. I think you might I think you might see eight games between these different clubs. We every single one of Toronto fans. I just passed out there. I love to run want to choke awesome fence kind of plan. I can't believe they haven't satellite here. You don't even need a passport office over there playing New Jersey. Yeah, I love it. Yeah, right whoever wins the season series between the Raptors and Celtics gets bobby. Okay, that's it. You just get Javi. Okay, like post-game interview like Tatum going all this and that box. We got you the word man after this. I'm going to give Bob Manning his Celtics draft minute. And now we do have Isaac okoro as a name and Bobby you wrote about this both on Osceola honest media in Boston Sports Journal you talk to him you think this the guy that could be looking to trade up to try and get right now most mocks have it may be as high as six but somewhere in that eight to ten range. So there's some thought you'd have to trade up to about seven eight to have a shot to get them their birth. Is this a guy you like if they go up there? Is it worth all the pics and a guy like Hayward if this is the prize coming back or you like some other players too, but just talked about this a little bit and also anybody listening right now, If you want to ask any questions or throw some comments in we'll try to get to him in the last ten minutes here before we wrap it up. Well, of course you talk about your two steps back for step forward approach. He's that kind of guy. It's going to take some time for your shot to develop I'd imagine but yes everything else. I mean the the physical tools this guy's coming in and league with a pretty rare is 225 pounds already. He's got the same physique as Jimmy Butler Andre Iguodala and Jaylen Brown and he's 19 which is which is stunning like yeah. I mean, I wrote that in the story. I was like this guy's only nineteen nineteen years. So yeah, I'm excited about him the interesting thing that's going to happen here as you watch the draft tomorrow. Is that who who's going to go to the Cavaliers and number five? They like Acora they like, oh be tough and yep. I'd any that's a lot of ways that they could go there and I think you could potentially see whoever they don't pick their side to that..

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