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You might even have a couple of studs or the rafters snap. But it still holtz. Once you'll gets devote. I mean what happened. You stay you stand on an empty soda care. It's good you put your finger on both sides and just barely touch it immediately crumbles. So i'm i'm not a big fan of stealing earth bigotry me that but even even so in new york like when i worked there for years david you know i used to have to take elevators up to the eighty second floor and it would just hated it and then i always thought when i was in the elevator. If you if something happens here it's a disaster and then we saw it with nine eleven. I mean it was just. And i always had this feeling like this is just not a safe place and listen. We have a faultline that runs through new york as well. I mean the possibility of having earthquake. There's is prevalent. it's not like we can't so it just scares me to think like how those buildings would really hold up. There had something that was about to make political joke and put some fault in some politician in new york. Let's talk about building so so do you. I were talking this last week. Let's talk about building a minute. We talked about this a few weeks ago. But you've had some experience building on sand and stuff in florida. What is your experience building in in the situation where you've got you know two hundred feet of sand or or beneath you. What's your experience on building a strong building that that doesn't settle and cause damage when we do something on in malibu or santa monica needs it. It's beachside There's there's no bedrock you just doesn't work so we use something called friction piles which are basically a bunch of deep concrete piles hitter tether together so the friction that they cause against each other really spreads itself out over the sand and it it it stands on its own..

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