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Here's the rest of my country's asian wits out to ralph stanley. He join me on the day and rain show on october fourteen. Two thousand nine. Dr ralph stanley is here in the studio. His new memoir is titled man of constant sorrow. He is a man who has lived a long life. he's now what eighty two years old eighty two years. Well you sure. Look as though you're in good health. Wells fargo no. I am i hope i am and thank you for the compliment. Well you're certainly welcome. You call your music old time mountain style news sake and not bluegrass. How come well I think Bluegrass actually is a little bit more polished than Than the music play. Because i just go back and saying it like god gave it to me. Don't try to put in saying extra in it if i if opponents hang extra hit the loan from way and i think he's just lay. It'll be it. I mean there's not much difference any Back when bill monroe orders. That was That was blue grade. And that's what i go great. That's what you called bluegrass. But you call your own style very different old time mountain time. mt. Like i like to call it now. You also are a man who prefers not to do a great deal of talking. Is that right well. I guess God gave me what he wanted me to have and I didn't you know. I didn't have the gift to my brother. Had talk but as far as doing business. While i was little head of him on that so i did that and so you did the business side. He did the talking side. He did at oak hill so once he died and you got all those letters from fans urging you to continue. Was there at first in your mind. I've feeling that you wanted to give up. You didn't want to go further. No otten never had debt. If i didn't know where. I can handle it or not. You know because a lotta mc work and a lot of things like that. But as far as management and everything i had dead and that's very important to and seemed like the lord is just with me and he gave me the urge to go on. And do you remember that very first time when you had to go without him. I remember the first show. We played He he'd been going to believe nineteen days. And we'd already had this Had this booked in buffalo new york and we went up. There drove up there and i. I miss the turnoff to the place that we wish to go play and i made a u-turn and Of course i got stopped by the police. You know coming back. And i'll never forget that. And what the police say well We had You know we. We had a pistol in in the car. All my goodness which was a felony and everything so George sheffer he. He played guitar bass with us for about eighteen years. And you know somebody had to claim it pistol. And he did that. Because i was driving my brother. Carter's car and they. They sort of took him to jail for lane. Took him did you. George and i had just made mail. Go on john curly ray cline to go on and do the show but george made the show before we finished it in have just finished out to show you mean the police let him go. Yeah they let him go and we went back course. We went back for trial on that you know and the judge said well. Should i fail in. How could how could do this do that. But he said you boys looks like you're all right you're good you're good people and you had your fissile for good code and said i'm on a dismissed the case. Wow do you remember. The first song used saying that night. No i'm sure. I know you don't know i was wondering whether singing without carter publicly for the first time was something that was very special in your memory. Well yeah that was hard to do. And of course i wish you know he had a good voice with me and i missed that. I missed that pretty bad in. But i've been fortunate to find good lead singers. All through the years and amend the large blache men. I'm thankful very thankful is wonderful to be thankful you. I think it is how thank means all of it. You sing in church. A lot still one are. Can you know 'cause. I'm a play out most weekends but when i can i go to church and i up saying we've got done so i'd like to hear from. This is the first june. I ever learned to play from my mother many years ago. I'm going to try to play it. Justice.

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