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Take nearly half a million. African survived the middle passage eventually arriving in the united states but a second middle passage inside. Our country was over twice as large scale. The domestic slave trade fueled the nation's booming cotton economy and in the process shattered black. After eli whitney invented the cotton gin in seventeen. Ninety three cotton exploded as a cash crop. you have this technological innovation. The cotton gin makes it quicker easier to separate the seed from the cotton bowl itself and also have the louisiana purchase and the seizing of indigenous native american. Lan as a result of that you have this new land in the west you have a demand for cotton and demand for labour slave owners from states in the upper south sold their slaves to traders who then transported them to the cotton producing states in the deeper south and further to the west. This came to be known as the second middle passage and its effects on. The african american community would be devastating forcibly sold separated from families husbands from wives parents from children's siblings from one another forced to make these trips chained and bound together and clearing the way for settlement of white americans about a million sleeves move between these older states and the newer states in the south over the course of three decades in the nineteenth century. So there's this massive slave trade domestically that attends the opening up of the cotton territories and the rise of cotton kingdom in the south. Countless families became the victims of the largest four spying gratien in our country's history but there were huge profits to be made off a black bodies once. They arrived at their destination families that have made the journey together often were ripped. Apart as the slave trade did in africa. The domestic slave trade scrambles any kind of community that black people had come to know and it leads to this new round of massive alien nation and forces him to start all over again. This horrendous dislocation lasted until the civil war began but the consequences of the second middle passage devastated generations. Black families thanks..

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