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For one more, and we'll go to Mark Lazarus with the athletic last year. My exact of go ahead, please. Jeremy. This is probably a dumb question because points or points. But you guys had a game a couple weeks ago against Columbus were lost in regulation, but played really well. When you're coaching a developing team like this is it almost easier to stomach that lost in this wind. Um Wow. You want to win. You want to get points? It's I I feel it's easier to teach for after you win. Can be Get your message across a little bit harder. But, uh, having said that when you play as well as who didn't Columbus came you feel encouraged about What's going to come. If you're going to stick with it? I'll probably Not sleep as well tonight as they did after that game, but I still like we have two points with us. And last. It seems like Andrew Shaw the little things he does and that power play are being missed right now. Is that something you're trying to find the way he just kind of helps the play along and in the power play. Yeah, I just changes things. You know that you miss the right shot in the middle, and he does do a lot of things to get trucks back and finds rebounds and keeps Buck's alive and But no excuse. We gotta find a way anyway. Thanks. Bye. Cox said Coach Jeremy Carlson. After seems three to overtime victory. Troy, are you still there? Yeah. All right. Good. Not going anywhere until you tell me I can leave you. I know you're just to get out there and shovel like everybody else's. But good cheer Jeremy, having a real good grasp of this team on When he's going to push buttons when he's not going to tomorrow is probably gonna be a little pushing button practice push push button practice with some of these guys and you can understand. For the most part, you know, a neutral observer would say the Blackhawks by and larger, were outplayed overall tonight, but again, it's all about hanging in there. They got some good goaltending tonight and Just enough so that it's some important times. I remember late in that game. Calvin don made a couple of very important plays toe. Keep help keep Detroit from from winning this one. So even though everyone may not have been at their at their very best tonight, They certainly got enough from a collective effort in a couple of individuals as well. Putting points on the board while you're in the learning process is is critical because the players is Jeremy kind of was talking about there and you could hear the wasn't happy with the performance in this when he wasn't all bubbly and excited that they won the game because he knows that they need to be better, and he knows that there's Higher ceiling and they've showed that they it can play that way that the base was not there of expectations. They weren't met. And he knows that, but Hey, listen, It's much easier as he says to try and in Fort reinforce something when you've got a bunch of guys that are feeling pretty good that they won the game, but you can't let them get too far above the curve here and say, you know, we're playing good just because we won. So you know, you have to be better and you give credit to Detroit. I mean, they're working hard and it's been a tough season for them to start and it's been a better season for the Blackhawks to start. Um But you have to be better and for 60 minute performance. It shows you when you play the right way and how you play the right way can make a big difference in the outcome of a game. And he was bang on talking about some park management issues and not getting pucks in when they needed to do what Not sustaining enough offensive zone time. They defended a lot in this game and Su bin You know, he said he didn't want to critique. I mean, he basically did critique of when he says, You know, he was maybe the difference in the game because he was he was great. But you want to count your goaltender to make the difference in the Blackhawks have gotten great goaltending from Lincoln and Malcolm Suban in his last three starts. You like that part of the equation, But I think for a coach, it's a little bit disheartening. I don't know. Maybe you play down a little bit to your level, but I mean, I don't think the Blackhawks are in a position where they could look down on teams that they've been able to have some success here, maybe some unexpected success throughout the league. But at the same time, this is a process that they're building on. Some of the younger players were good in this game. They made some mistakes. I think there's a lot more to give on some of the veteran side of the equation here that you're still waiting for. On outburst of solid play, but at the same time, I think that you like the fact that that this group is learning together and they're gonna learn good and they're gonna learn bad. But you got to reinforce and again. This is an easy game. You could break down in the tape. Matt meet you will break it down and they'll look at the mistakes that they made that put themselves in a position to not be successful, and they had enough guys to pick up slack. We Talking last couple pre games and rightly so about how good the cane and suitor in to break it life that was rather quiet tonight, even though well, Alex didn't have any credited shots on goal suitor with three Kane with five, but For whatever the reason. That was a little bit quieter tonight, And you know when the Hawks weren't as clean as the puck is, they need to be as they should be. That's when when Superman was really able to come up big and this one when they made mistakes, so ban was there that that zbig part of the equation. I mean, you pay your goaltender to be good and Malcolm Suban in this game. What was good, You can't expect them to be the guy that makes the difference each and every game because that's just not a formula for success. But you need your.

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