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Seventy kdoi the fate of sergeant beaubourg doll was expected to be known today but it looks like we won't find out until later bergvall pleaded guilty last week to miss behavior before the enemy and desertion is sentencing hearing was to start today at fort bragg north carolina but it was postponed until wednesday due to an attorneys family emergency according to usa today former army corporal jonathan more rita is among the service members who could testify at the hearing he was injured by a rocket propelled grenade during a search mission for burghal depending on the outcome of his sentencing hearing burghal could spend the rest of his life behind bars while o'brian six seventy kboi some sunny weather today with a high of sixty one degrees and it looks like that temperatures going to remain constant throughout the rest of the week as well is remaining sunny tyler martin six seventy kboi sixty seconds the mark levin show at eleven by john bachelor six seventy kboi after winning teachings my boyfriend can't stop drinking until he drinks too much it scares me but i don't have the money to see a counselor or a therapist about it right now the more i think about my boyfriend's drinking the more depressed i get he's charming gene handsome and smart in so many ways but when he drinks i don't even know him a friend of mine suggested i try al anon family groups she said it doesn't cost anything there are no dues or fees for al anon donations are completely voluntary at first i was afraid to go to al anon i felt like a fool to care that somebody who can't stop drinking al anon helps a lot the members know how i feel and what it's like to love somebody who's totally out of control solents drinking troubling you you might be surprised at what you can learn at an al anon family.

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