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Champion now but he got dominated in round one and two out of three judges gave chandler eight before oliver went on to win the belt. How can we not give mcgregor the same benefit of the doubt. Here he might have had a chance to win the fight. Thanks joe hoisted by my own baton. That is an interesting point by you. It really is an interesting point. Now the charlie olvera fight versus chandler was significantly different in all fairness. If we're only going to turn to the ten eight as our reasoning you got legs to your argument. You have legs. They're using some word play but it's still well done. I'm going to give you full credit. That was a different fight. If you'll recall all of our head knocked chandler down had sworn him made the fight eligible for tko which is what makes it eligible for ten eight but chandler came back. do you remember that route. Chandler had his own moments within that fight. Conor just didn't have any. He just did it. I'm not crazy about continuing to speak about this fight. I was just on. Espn doing the tail. Senate show by the way. What appreciate if you all gave that. Watch over on plus. But i want to tell you this. I'm finding myself every time. I talk about this fight putting connor doubt. I just don't like that. I don't like to kick a guy when he's down. I like to offer a hand up. If i want to knock him down later two different story but not once. He's already down. No part of me is looking to do that. And i hope that my words aren't coming out that way. There's also no other way for me to talk about and reflect on that fight and find a positive outlook. It was a beating eating. There was nothing that went great for connor not to mention the i q man i really gotta turn to that and i feel that i'm the only one that's talking about it to poll a guillotine on dustin pouria right with high risk high reward but to pull a guillotine up against the fence. There was simply no chance of that working and he never recovered from that position. So i gotta give him a not. I don't. I don't fault for trying to win the fight and trying to finish it. You gotta go do those things. You've gotta take those risks but to come to that position not realize that it was as soon as dustin cleared the legs instantly get to an under can use that wall to get yourself to her feet. It's just not what con would have done in any other fight so there was some slipping. They're not just what the hands not just with the feet. Not just with the lack of offense from the bottom or the inability to stand up but also with the i q that puts you in that position to start with now. That doesn't totally pertain to what you're asking you're asking. How can we count connor out just because it was a ten eight we can't we simply can't i also don't know that i've heard that argument made. I know that. I certainly haven't made it. I have made one argument which is for the fight that did take place. It was a domination. It was a beating to prove my thesis that it was dominant beating is where i bring in the ten eight rounds. It wasn't three tenths. By the way it was to sal d'amato had at ten nine so i only bring that you because for what did take place under the unified rules. The fighter in the corner did not stop at. The referee considered but did not in a higher power stepped in. That's not great and karna really wanted to be doctor stoppage. He thought that was a good reason. That was a good reason to explain away a defeat while the doctor stopped at as though brushing it off. I'm correcting that. That has never been told accurately and boxing's guilty to when a doctor has to step in. Think about it. A boxing right. You've seen guys get cuts. You sit. Were so bad or as is closed them in some really tough stuff where the referee stops. It brings doctrine. Everybody's breathing everybody's rest. Everybody's getting recovery time and the doctor waves it off. The refs should have made that call in all fairness. That's the way the story should be told. The doctor has to come.

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