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We are back with David Brody and his latest installment as part of his Templars in America series is treasure Templar ari and earlier David you mentioned the Templar treasure perhaps being used to fund the American war of independence the revolutionary war one how does that information come down to is how do we know that might occur another one of those sources that we're not sure about it it's another journal that was found Sinclair family journals I was still better than to determine whether they're are authentic or not but in was in those journals they talk about in the seventeen seventies a group of Freemasons from New England Pennsylvania area going up to Nova Scotia to the islands off the coast of Nova Scotia and retrieving the treasures that the Templars had left there in the thirteen hundreds and bring that back in and and selling that treasure to fund the revolution that was part of the plan did the Templars believe that if they came to America maybe they you know they could help fund this grand experiment and and and begin and start a new Jerusalem well yeah that so so again I don't think it was specifically it as an experiment as if this is a hundreds of years earlier if I don't if they knew exactly what the experiment was look like they use the term new Jerusalem and that's exactly what they were thinking of remember they were we had with the church probably because of of dogma and doctrine disagreements and they they sent two hundred years in the Middle East and and had had really become more liberalized I think more open minded about other peoples in other cultures remember at this time Europe was still coming out of the dark ages and it was a very backwards on educated in society and the church of course was was very much against science and medicine and they they believe that you've toured people by face so the temple ours works was a whole different line of thinking wallet in the Middle East much more open minded much when you came in and so I think when they came back to Europe after the crusades they were hoping to push society in the direction of more individual rights more of science more are more liberty and and the truck wasn't having that so I I think that day in visions I won the reason why they came to America they came across realistic was to search out a safe haven for with a vision to be a new Jerusalem an area where their version of what Christianity should like look like should could thrive specifically version that reflects individual rights individual liberties much as the founding fathers promoted during our revolution west of the Rockies John is in mesa Arizona John good morning welcome to coast good morning Richard although you have no idea how much of an honor it is to be on your show and I think what's your guess is probing into is one of the most important things that anyone could program to all my only I I'd be all I don't think it's treasure monetarily wise I don't think it's valuable stuff I think what it was was a your guests did mention that Jesus was a student one time at a mystery school and I I guess I disagree I think he was the master in there from the time he was twelve and tell whether you believe he was thirty or I think Bobby forty two that's a long time and that's the most important years of people's lives think about it you know him in his uncle who was a rich trader a traveller John of anonymity and the guy that got his body when he was when he came down from the cross they travel all over the place and he was a master at all the mystery schools and I think let them the met the real message that the temple is we're trying to bring across was the kingdom of god is within us and then we define it is through these mystery schools what a coincidence sixty they destroy them all and then I think maybe the temples blackmail England or the church with regular maybe like the ark of the covenant I think that's possible but I don't think that was a real treasure but if you're going to find a treasure I wouldn't ask your gas in this is my question have you considered numbers you know since their sacred numbers I don't think it started with Jesus I think it went way back before the Egyptians thirty three is a three is a magic number it's a secret number I think the trigger would be buried on the thirty third degree interesting theory all right David you want to weigh in on that right so what we are talking about either sacred geometry or or there's something called into my tree in in if this is the the the use of of number is S. as in as sacred and and symbolism so there's all sorts of different possibilities and look what you talked about the knights Templar our very much proponents of a secret codes and symbolism the second number is the for example eight was a sacred number thirty three mention freemasonry I'm not sure if the thirty third degree latitude would have been the spot they they they have their treasures that that's a possibility but the way you're thinking which is that there would be some kind of symbolism line their hiding spot I think it's accurate going back to something you said earlier in in in your in your commentary about the fact you don't think it was treasure monetary treasure I actually agree with that because I think when you when you think about how much traffic could be loaded on a couple of ships and you figure out the the the the dollar value of that even if you were to use these generous as you could with it it's just not that much money it's really you know it it's it's a few million dollars are tens of millions of dollars it's not really enough to change things I had to change the course of history so that's why I think it has to be something that was more valuable than treasure something that doesn't something invaluable such as religious secrets or religious artifacts John thank you for that let's go to the wildcard line and Carlos is in Oahu Hawaii Oahu Carlos Hey there hello there's a there's a lot at the far end of side of the temple it was a temple and now it's a mosque and you can only land by the guardians of temple and Jill or the banks of the temple and underneath there are tunnels in those tunnels is where they store the ark of the covenant and the ark of the covenant shell is it's not corny at all Golden Chappie acted the tablets inside the ark almost precious it's quite possible that all of the artifacts it should be mentioned tonight at the same site but the fact that there are people call it treasure hoard hunted as treasure is the very reason why it has to be guarded and protected because it's like you just said before this is religious I mean these are all the order affects their dot treasure to be recorded and and and and and to be I have a monetary value placed the bottom end at some point I feel that it will be revealed but it has to be at a time when I'm not finding is more conducive to world peace togetherness and what we are right now this is not the time for those are actually but to the surface in the field for the to the people of the world may call Carlos that said let's get David respond quickly yes so the the just to give some history on on on the treasures that were at one point hidden in Jerusalem may still be there today when the Romans sacks through some and burn destroy the the the second temple in I believe it was sixty eighty or seventy eighty seventy three eighty in that range many of the treasures were were taken out at that time knowing that the Romans at some point we're gonna have to trade along the walls and destroy the temple and so many the treasures were taken out and it's possible that they were brought back in and are there today but it's also possible that they away to someplace else and so that's really the questions via where did they end up first time caller and need is in Sheboygan Wisconsin Anita welcome to coast to coast AM hi calling about counts against altar piece of the fourteen hundreds and the French used clothing tapestry of fourteen eighty five to fifteen oh five oh four depictions of people's interest in the death of Christ and again people look intently interested at the plane lands but in the latter unicorn tapestry of the unicorn representing the slaying of Christ but into the market place on the back of a hunting horse and therefore representing itself represents the church is mostly ignored by the people standing around in the marketplace they are the hunters and the women just plain turn their back either looks like this is significant in that it detects the emergence of the market nine and fourteen and the unicorn after all was only in this so called the other words Christ was only unethical being and gender religious zeal anymore place a death of the church hello floor of the tapestry which is the language of flowers actually some instructions the holy grail and it's not weird enough treasure of the Templars yeah all right I need a lot there to unpack David the French unicorn tapestry I'm I'm not familiar with that tapestry so I really have trouble comments and Richard are you familiar with that I'm not no I have not heard of it before yeah it's hard to comment on that I'm sorry but I am I would add do in passing you know the idea that you know Jesus being a mythical you know medical person yeah I don't know too many historians who actually doubt that he was an historical figure I think there's more even information or text outside of the Bible demonstrating that Jesus existed then there is there is a flight out just see this right about Jesus as a sort of a figure yeah I I would do that let's see if we can work Orlando in here from mission Texas Orlando on the wildcard line good morning welcome to coast all twenty second delay I need you to turn the radio off their Orlando if you could and okay you're on my friend go ahead question loser genes or cleaning at times is there anything who is who's a can I get you to turn the radio off Orlando who is who's queen our Orlando the temperatures I can you got to turn that radio off okay well Tom Foley the third turn it down turn it right off okay would you mean by their king or queen they they they existed in different locations in Europe right so they would have been a number of different kings or queens and I'm in my right David right so they you know they they have pretty much every country in Europe had temple are commander reserve seven stories and so they they were the eleven every every monarch in Europe.

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