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Twenty seven forty for Merrill, fans with the Kobe Hernandez, and that was an a seven Horsfield. So the twenty seven dollar mutual at a fairly short field that fairgrounds. That's not going to make too many people unhappy that went in that direction, and you had Zena rules the ten dollars for place. So some nice mutuals that Mexican held on for second at thirty five to one Lasco. Unbelievable. And I think people could be looking for either these over campers or the price horse in the short field. Again, if I were giving somebody advice, I would say if you can come up with any reason to play some of these horses. We're going to be underrepresented thirty twenty two place for the Mexican Lordy. Loudness Claudy that is that's a serious price sixty and four twenty of. The wind place on runabout so funny situation where yeah, you're better off having the second place finisher. Even though you're capped at twenty two dollars. You're still doing significantly better than the winner. And it's interesting some players will just sort of understand that map and intuitively gravitate towards longshots thinking that understanding that that can happen. And it gives you a little bit of an extra edge, potentially others. And I think I fall into this category. It's just so hard to play a horse that you don't like in a mandatory, regardless of the theory behind trying to catch the place price pays more than the winner. Well, and watching it Akwa duct as well as you had a run off winner and that one. Quick glance year. Bluegrass jamboree for Charlton Baker Charlie Baker with a sugar Mako Maper sugar maple farm product of five year old mare. She was two to one we'll look for the runner up coming across the the wire and. There's a long wait as it happens. And while we wait, we wait for the place horse and seeing sugar maple, and of course, John Nehru long association with sugar maple and yesterday if you didn't hear me mentioned it the wonderful news that the Belmont sprint championship. Which always felt kind of knock you ass- as a as a name very generic name will be renamed for John Nair Suda, really nice. Really nice noble. Freud was second one five three two at Ecuador's. So no, no big balloons in Seattle v little past halfway now in New York Santa Anita underway. And this is the second at the great race place. We'll look at around nine minutes to the third and Oaklawn and seventeen minutes to Tampa's, seventh already Gulfstream. We should note is three minutes on the board. It's three minutes, but the rainbow. Sex. And you know, Casey, we are right at the top of the hour. They're leaving the paddock or they're on the walking ring. We can we can they'll be a few minutes. Let's take the break year case come right back, and we'll get into our to as the rainbow six pool. It's only five million. So they'll wait twenty minutes, if they have to to get it to the number that they're looking for and at those of you that were following Santa Anita. You just had the the tours romp home. Mortal creek at five to two for Bob Hess, paradise farm back to Treasure Island after this word our into data to that an H C stay.

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