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The gypsy king Featuring Nicola Reyes Four 38 Here's Rick and fur in the WTP traffic center Okay Shayna let's take you to the district again where we have less volume on the westbound freeway but still with plenty of volume on the eastbound side through southeast for the Marine Corps barracks extending across the 11th street bridge toward northbound D.C. two 95 where it's still very slow into the work zone near Pennsylvania avenue that's still along the right side had a crash reported southbound on D.C. two 95 near east capital street where we believe that was cleared from the right lane And authorities are still checking on a medical emergency reported northbound near the suitland Parkway that at one point had a single lane getting by so this work in progress in D.C. at the moment Meryl are in Virginia three 95 north still volume heavy approaching the inbound 14th street bridge We had a crash earlier last hour that was cleared from the right lane I 95 no problems on the Virginia side of I 95 just a little volume Southbound Norton to the aka Khan 66 west through Centreville the crash cleanup still ongoing after route 29 it involved a tractor trailer in a box truck single lane is all is still getting you by and a listener just checked in with another crash This is on the eastbound side near nightly street two right lanes are getting by that crash the cleanup is underway The volume is heavy almost back to route 50 along the east side of 66 set over to Maryland I two 70 just a bit of volume southbound on the spur after democracy boulevard and I 95 no problems there BMW Parkway having some volume problems so plenty of it heading southbound after Chevrolet after two O two toward route 50 where there was a crash westbound actually was one broken down on 50 west through Chevrolet approaching kilohertz avenue and that's causing a little delay on that ramp there heading down toward D.C. two 95 and around the beltway no issues reported Just plenty of volume A lot of volume scattered around the circle through Montgomery and prince George's counties in certain stretches and on the interloop Virginia side normal volume from the toll road to the legion bridge Spring into spring the hiring with indeed their powerful hiring platform makes it easy to attract interview and hire candidates all in one place visit indeed dot com slash credit Rick McClure WTO traffic Thank you Rick Now to storm team four meteorologist some are Theodore After a hot Saturday tonight temperatures fall into the 80s and 70s by daybreak Tomorrow.

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