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In the past doing her talking about her vespers piece this is a new work in that series apparently we'll follow that with some music for cello and electronics and it comes from clarice jensen is the cellist and the leader of acme the american contemporary music ensemble central players on the new music scene here in new york and her album is called for this from that will be filled she wrote the title track it's in two parts a and b and we'll hear part a right after this music from missy mazzola and her vespers for violin electronics played by livia turco that is a band called misha sha from london and a piece called inside the acorn in the spirit of american sax player pharaoh sanders and other socalled spiritual jazz musicians this is work that really clearly aspires to be kind of ecstatic and transcendent and it comes from the londonbased compilation album called we out here from that same compilation we heard the afrobeat group called kuka roco spelled with all ks and their song called a busey junction which had lots of moving parts in it i mean the qatar is pretty front and center throughout but then you've got the horns and the wordless vocals really nicely done coca roco and misha two vans from this londonbased british jazz collaboration or compilation called we out here in a moment will return to the the world of piano in electron ix where we spent some time earlier in the program new piece from andrew shapiro is coming up next as we continue with new sounds on the next fresh and pulitzer prize winning author jon meacham tax about understanding the present moment in american politics and life by looking at the past they'll share examples of times when the partisan divide was bad but people unified for the common good nietzsche's new book is the sole of america the battle for our better angels join us weekdays at two on ninety three point nine fm wnyc support for wnyc comes from red bull theaters the metro maniacs david is is new comedy about eighteenth century parisians with metro mania and inflammation of the mental bursa where verse becomes your vice and vice versa tickets at red bull theatre dot com wnyc independent journalism in the public interest ninety three point nine fm and am eight twenty npr news and the new york conversation.

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