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Mary Regalado and here's your local news from the Los Angeles Times. Brought to you by audible. Today will be sunny and very hot with a high around ninety five degrees and a low tonight of sixty seven. Our top story La County agreed to pay fourteen million dollars to settle a class action lawsuit alleging that the sheriff's department routinely held people in jail beyond the release dates due to pending immigration investigations more than eighteen thousand people were held illegally from October two, thousand, ten to June two, thousand, fourteen the sheriff's Department agreed to stop honoring detain a requests from Immigration and customs enforcement in two thousand fourteen, the ACLU said that each class member is eligible to receive from two hundred, fifty dollars to twenty five, thousand dollars depending in part on how long they were held. Any leftover money will go toward legal aid programs for people in La county facing immigration consequences because of an arrest or conviction. In Virus News, La County public health officials that said yesterday that an uptick and coronavirus cases linked to social gatherings and workplace. Is largely keeping the area from moving out of the state's most restrictive tear for reopening while officials remain hopeful that the county will be able to progress in California's reopening plan in the coming weeks. The county is still firmly in tier one it is also one of only ten counties in the state still considered to have a widespread risk of community transmission meanwhile, unlike last week, none of the state's fifty eight counties moved backward on the tiered system riverside. County however faces that possibility. In more virus news state health officials are advising Californians to skip trick or treating this Halloween due to the ongoing covid nineteen pandemic although the new guidelines stopped short of prohibiting the annual activity officials are concerned that it's not possible to practice social distancing while trick or treating the guidelines. Also suggest that some group Halloween activities such as costume contests and Pumpkin carving can be moved online. In Business News the world's largest movie theater chain AMC theaters says it could run out of cash by the end of this year or early twenty, twenty one, which is the latest sign of how badly the covid nineteen pandemic has wrecked. The film industry AMC theaters has reopened more than eighty percent of its US cinemas since the coronavirus crisis brought Hollywood to a standstill in March but with no vaccine and few new movies to show attendance has been abysmal and the chain is facing a cash crunch. The situation for theaters worsened as Hollywood studios delayed big films or sent them to streaming services. Finally organizers announced that La cons in person event plan for this December at the Los Angeles Convention Center has been canceled. Now the event is planned for September twenty twenty one organizers said they had to cancel the December convention because the state still does not permit large gatherings in the meantime nearly seventy percent of the passes to La COMECON had been sold and organizers claim that people who bought tickets can request a refund or have their tickets rolled over to the twenty twenty one convention. For these stories and more visit LA TIMES DOT com. Get more.

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