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Behind you all the way. Let's talk about the game. Because you were at the game. Your story is about the game I remember in the moment watching it. With a allegedly with money on the line although I haven't paid my dues on this feeling. It's one of the all-time sky is falling, and you can't do anything about it games. It just keeps. They keep missing the Lakers. Keep making plays, and it begins to just feel once it just be it like it's all cascading. Everything is falling apart. And watching it again in preparation for this, it still feels that way and Steve Smith has a quote about I. Don't know if it's or the other one where he's like, we could have just taken shot clock visions, and it would have just been about the same in terms of how are they ms thirteen th straight shots all that what stuck out to you about either either watching the fourth quarter it now all these years later or talking to the blazers or the Lakers about? How what the Hell happened here? On the blazers side of it, there is no one thing to point to and the interesting thing about the way the blazers see this game all these years later. Dunleavy as we said has examined it down to the tiniest detail and says. I didn't do I don't think I did anything wrong like he's. He's confident in every decision he made. He feels really good about the way he coached that game. The players say we got good shots. We just missed them. And I think for the most part you can look at that and say that, although all come back to that one in a second. The players all feel like. We didn't do anything wrong. It's not like we started like kicking the ball into the third row. The just couldn't make shots anymore, and it's not like I think maybe the LAKER defense may be turned up a little bit. I don't know how you gauge that. It didn't look substantially different than in the third quarter to me in terms of that part of it. But the Laker role players really played a huge role, and there's a point there were shacking Kobe combined for like eight straight points or something for the Lakers, but before that it's know Brian Shaw hitting a couple of threes and Robert Ory, hitting a three point Robert Ory gets his own rebound dribbles out in his very. It's a very Robert Ory play casually. These policies and are these plays, and if you're a blazers fan. The Shaw Bradshaw banks in three at the end of the third quarter to pull the Lakers within twelve there and it's just. It's just one of those every game like this has a shot like that. Like the Clippers rockets come back from two thousand fifteen as the Josh Smith Corey brewer random freezers always just like stuff that what had happened. You're like Ooh, that one that seems bad and the Orient is. Shack is just so big that it takes to the blazers to try to box him out on that play, and they can't corral the rebound in Bounces to Robert Ory. Who just dribbles backward and shoots a three and you're like well okay? I, guess I guess those are the ones that stuck out to me like those are. The kicks in the balls if you're Portland. Those shots, yeah. But it is funny that way the blazers view it themselves or not view it because they refused of you decide from Mike. Dunleavy is that. They they really don't have some major. Regret it. Scottie Pippen was the only one and Scotty was the. He was the one to say this, and it was interesting as another piece of Scotties. Quote that I did not get chance to use but. Scotty was the one who said we weren't getting the right shots and everybody else says we got good shots just missed them. Even when I asked, did you get tight? That's the obvious. Question. Did you guys get up tight? Did you start to feel the pressure the the moment? And they don't even feel that. They don't even say that now I would say that there are some shots that maybe look a little rushed. A couple of threes in particular, a couple of deep this narrow when the mid range was fine, but there are some x sixty eighteen footers in there. That looked like maybe they could have worked for a better shot. Nobody could stop Rasheed going inside as we were talking about earlier, so maybe they should have been. More for Scotty posts posts Rasheed post-ups body like in the post. The Lakers had a very difficult time with those guys and. But that's that's. That's not the way it unfolded so Scott. He's the only one who said we didn't get the right shots into him. That was an indication of among other things. We hadn't been together that long Scotty Steve. Smith Daedalus shrimp had all been brought in the prior Somerset's their first year together with this group You got the holdovers in Stoudamire and a young bonds and an older. Visa Bonus and Scotty just felt like you know. Maybe the the chemistry and the trust wasn't there especially for a game seven on the road and he said. Like scotties view where they lost this. Was Not, getting home court advantage, there tied on February twenty second or something that they play in Portland. Game between them the Lakers win that and they go on to storm down the stretch of the season while the blazers go like five hundred or something, and that's the difference in their records, the Lakers and up with home court. It matters and game seven. Scotty thinks if it's at the rose. Garden, they win it and another another parallel with the ninety eight Pacers because Larry Bird on the first day of training camp. Tells the team. We have to have game seven at home against the Bulls First Day camp says Gumbo one goal this season. We've gotta get the number one seed, because if we played Chicago and game seven, it has to be in Indiana, and they don't get the number one seed in the Games in Chicago when they lose the other funny thing about. The Scottie. Pippen Elements Zach So. The Lakers had wanted to acquire him. The Blazers get him. And Well Phil Scotty. You're obviously fond of each other. Phyllis fill, so he's trying to tweak him in the lead up to that series, if I'm recalling correctly like he kept saying Scotty S to lead them if he doesn't lead them, they're not getting anywhere I. Think he's trying to totally trying to beat them and put this this autumn Scotty told me. That you know we were really well prepared because I knew everything Phil was doing I, knew his offense. I knew like we had I had. These guys trained essentially, but when it came down to the leadership that fourth quarter. This this this leadership idea when asked any of them about well, who was the leader team who who should have bailed? You guys out? Who Saves you from the Super? Vents this from happening? WHO's your go to guy? WHO's the heart of your team? And I got all these different answers from all the different blazers and. What Scotty eventually end up saying this is a quote that did not make the story was. I felt like it was just my first year there and so here he was with his six championship rings, and this off from the Bulls Dynasty. He didn't feel like he was the one who was going to make demands of these guys. Yes, he told them what they should do. In terms of defending against the triangle. But he he said to me that he he really didn't feel like he could put an imprint leadership. Why wouldn't he couldn't really speak up and be the one to pull guys along or get them in line?.

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