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Man shot and killed another band inside the Orleans square mall last night Orland park. Police chief Tim McCarthy says it happened just after six thirty in a busy area of the malls lower level. One other person was injured that went to the hospital had a possible, graze wound. He says that injured person was not the target. And that the man knew who killed the man who was killed new shooter mall was placed on lockdown since have been evacuated and closed. No word yet. If any arrests in this case invalid, Chicago alderman, Ed Burke, hopeful he could win where reelection despite dealing with corruption scandal longtime city council member was out campaigning last dot on the southwest side less than three weeks after being charged with attempted extortion. He's also receiving the report in the form of support rather. In the form of an endorsement from the Chicago fraternal order of police candidates, Jamie goo high bay and Tanya Patino are running against Burke for the fourteenth ward seat next month, a Chicago candidate for mayor could find out today, whether she'll be on the ballot or not Dorothy Brown is expected to appeal to the Chicago Board of elections this morning to keep her on the February twenty six ballot. She's nine hundred signatures short of the minimum requirement to cook County Circuit Court clerk's office recounted Brown's petitions after a challenge filed by her fellow candidate and Cook County board Commissioner Toni preckwinkle Vic Vaughn, WGN news, congress he is back in session today, and there may be some action on border security, but will it be enough to move closer to ending the government shutdown? Here's ABC's. Karen Travers at the White House. Republicans would try to move forward to vote on the offer. President Trump put on the table on Saturday temporary protection for some undocumented young immigrants known as dreamers in exchange for five point seven billion dollars in funding for abortion. Wall. But he needs support from Democrats to advance which means it's almost certainly dead on arrival Democrats say they will not negotiate on immigration or border security until the president and Republicans agreed to reopen the government, which means this stalemate is likely to continue. Karen Travers, ABC news, the White House. Several advocacy groups are urging lawmakers not to legalize the recreational use of marijuana arguing it would among other things. Make roads more hazardous the Chicago crime commission, Illinois says he ation of chiefs of police and drug free. America foundation say accidents caused by marijuana impaired drivers are up in states that took the legalisation route. They also contend legalization. Elsewhere has not ended the illegal marijuana trade. Now WGN sports with Dave is Dave good morning for years. Other teams had Pro Bowl quarterbacks. Not the bears. Not Jim Harbaugh air. Kramer, Rex Grossman. Jay cutler. None of made the Pro Bowl with the bears. But in just two years Mitch Trubisky editor drought which extended back to nineteen six. Damon to the NFC squad Mondays replacement for the Rams Jared Goff Trubisky downplayed when he was named an alternate last month to get recognized. But I definitely don't feel like I play my best football. Yeah. I feel like. You got to appreciate how far you've come which I have. I know I still got a long ways to go. But it's it's cool get recognized, but all the credit goes to my teammates and you'll have four of them with him in Orlando. The bears are headed to London next season to play the raiders the date. Not yet know the Blackhawks host, the New York Islanders tonight. Hawks going for two in a row the islanders seeking a sixth straight win. Our xfinity Blackhawks report tonight's game at seven hundred WGN coach Jeremy Colloton this morning at eight forty. The bulls got twenty-five from Zach LeVine cruise past Cleveland one zero four eighty eight for their first win of twenty nine t they also quiet Carmelo Anthony from Houston along with cash, but he's headed elsewhere, Tennessee. Number one, Duke, number two Virginia. Third in the new AP college basketball, top twenty five Michigan state and Rutgers winners last night, the big ten tonight, Indiana at northwestern hoosiers have dropped four straight..

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