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Guest. Post a peacock's pro football talk. Mike florio. Yahoo sports columnist, Dan wetzel, co host of good morning football. Jason McCourty from the showtime drama city on a hill. Actor Kevin Bacon. And now, it's rich eisen. All right, everybody. Welcome to edition of the Richardson show live on the air from Los Angeles, California. We've got ourselves fun three hours getting ready for the final weekend of this entire calendar year in which there will be no National Football League teams in their training camps in their facilities, it'll be fantastic. We've got this by this point next week, watch the brothers point next Tuesday. Everyone's up and at them. Every single facility will be filled all the way through to the end of the regular season. That's how it works. This very weekend, everybody enjoy your last weekend without any football. Even though there should be no such thing. And then off we go. Very, very, very excited for what's to come next week when everybody shows up to training camp and everybody starts digging into their rosters and certainly questions beginning to get answered. There are still some questions that we haven't gotten answered yet. And I know it's a last minute league, but it is definitely something that kind of surprises me that some of these stories have yet to be answered. We'll get to that in a second. I just realized I haven't said hello to you, Chris brocklin. Hey, Richard. Good to see you over there. What's up, man? I realize I haven't said hello to you. DJ Mikey D is how you doing? I also realized I haven't said hold it to you. TJ Jefferson, the candle has been with. Yes, it has. Good to see you. What's going on? Good to see you over there. It's good to be safe. I love it. And it's good to see everybody out there on NBC sports on peacock, NBC sports SiriusXM channel 85.

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