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It's only a couple of letters off and it probably would have helped him because he doesn't seem well in this moving. Dow, I was just reading in the Trivia here just a little bit ago that. Woody Chambliss Uncle Willie he's two years younger than corn wildness. Wow. Because he looks like he could be a wildest father probably. Yes. His the dictionary definition of grizzled. So father daughter taken off to the desert to just kind of poke around the opening scene. What is he picking her up at the airport or something? Yeah. I. Guess she has like a personal jet. No. Maybe, we should just start from the very beginning because the all the stuff you know the narration of the beginning. Kind of explaining what gargoyles are I I, guess they're explaining what Gargoyles are. Gargoyles are fictional creatures. Well they were. A minute so you're saying that. was once the most. Of playing it right in the middle of it but anyway, that narration it does set you up. And it looks really cool. I. Mean I love these. There's nothing more like seventy s than this kind of introduction but he's saying basically that everybody knows we have gargoyles and it was just a matter of time before they started attacking that I listened to that right? Sure. Sure and who was it? That had the opening I I saw earlier. and. It was like is somebody I'm sure it somebody maybe it's John Larroquette again. That would be awesome. Got So. Lost already. So this aired on TV in like November, of Nineteen seventy-two. Halloween movie it wasn't I talked to todd about a friend of ours todd briefly about it because I remember watching it as a kid on TV and you know it came out a few years before I was born. So I was like, when would I have been in? Was Old enough to enjoy you know you know Kinda racking my brain trying. To think of these like 'cause I knew it had to be on like an old like creature feature late at night or or Sunday afternoon when they used to play like Godzilla movies and stuff and todd says, no, I, know exactly what I saw it was from I. saw it on the plenty scary movie on channel as that it was on ABC. So, go that and just listened to the opening music and stuff when I was a I was like Oh. Yeah that that's exactly where I heard or for I watched the first time awesome and remember being freaked out and at the same time just like loving it you know the only thing I really remember from my childhood from this film is the gargoyles being hit by what I thought was their car but noah was a semi I thought the exact same thing I thought they hit it but no, he's just like road kill. He's not paying attention to the now. Do they explain that why is he just out was? He'd going for a jog or something. Yeah. Yeah. That's what it was. Associates Vic Perrin was he the Vic Perrin?.

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