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Central the WGN forecast. Here's meteorologist Tom skilling. Stay warm everybody. Brutal cold is gripping the area, and it's only going to get worse. Strong winds. Introducing this brutally cold Arctic eras are producing blowing a drifting snow and local ground blizzard conditions in outlying areas, we expect that to continue into tomorrow, and we're going to break records tonight tomorrow and tomorrow night white snow tonight with scattered clouds later on windy record-breaking, temperatures, lows twenty two below but his cold is twenty six to twenty eight below outlying areas. We'll see wind chills at forty five to fifty five below zero late tonight Wednesday on Wednesday night too dangerous called continue scattered clouds and. Wendy drifting show continues in open areas. High Wednesday, thirteen below chills. Thirty to forty blow in the afternoon. Lows tomorrow night down to twenty-six below another record and Thursday. Increasing cloudiness chance of snow late the day snow likely at night high to on Thursday and Friday snow in the morning, mostly cloudy and not as cold high Twenty-three, Saturday mixed sun, but clouding over breezy, and there could be rain late in the day Saturday with milder temperatures at thirty nine. I'm Tom skilling in the WGN weather shedder right now O'Hare one midway to Elgin a big zero on long the lakefront three the winds blowing from the west at thirteen miles an hour, the wind chill seventeen below. I'm Kim Gordon in the WGN newsroom. Ready to join the conversation live whenever a story changes Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN..

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