Senator Daphne Jordan, United States, President Putin discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Simon Owen reports. President Putin saying Russia doesn't want confrontation with the United States. But after President Trump said the US would pull out of a Cold War nuclear missile, treaty. Putin issuing a warning hundred put you're saying if the US stations new intermediate range missiles in Europe Russia will respond with its own new weapons. He said they target not just the countries hosting American missiles, but also US decision senses. It London Simon Owen, Fox News. The US supreme court says the constitution's ban on excessive fines applies to states and local governments unanimous ruling could limit law enforcement efforts to seize property from people suspected of committing serious crimes case involved in. Indiana man who had is expensive Land Rover seized after he was arrested for selling heroin. Civil liberties organizations argued that some law enforcement agencies view asset forfeitures as profitable revenue. Streams another state Senator seems to like the idea of a separate upstate and downstate New York. Republican state Senator Daphne Jordan says it's clear to her. There's a growing cultural economic and political divide that she's calling a tale of two states. So she's introduced legislation that would create a working study group to look at the short and long term ramification of splitting the state Senator. Jordan's proposed Bill would place Nassau Rockland, Suffolk and Westchester counties in downstate New York with New York City, Jim gag already NewsRadio eight ten and one zero three one W G Y Senator Jim Tedesco is backing a proposal to put a nonbinding resolution on the ballot before the end of next year. Is it a case of keeping people safe in a moving vehicle or state government over? H? Governor Cuomo is tucked a proposal into his new budget amendment. That would require everyone to buckle up in the back seat. It's an issue bound to get people talking Albany county sheriff Craig apple tells news channel thirteen that this one needs to be dealt with slowly and carefully. Let's shoot some holes in it. And then, you know, then we can plug those holes, but we need to get the stakeholders at the table and a lot of time. Our legislature has a tendency to pass laws without looking at the ramifications. Apple says, there's no question seatbelts can save lives. But that at some point people need to take responsibility for their own actions..

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