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K. T. O. K.. on long enough. rush Limbaugh's the all knowing all carrying all sensing old feeling all concerned. all everything my heart Rushey and back to the phones this up what happened at our guy. whatever they got what what was it was it was a good call twenty six you're all right he was a millennial was any listen to me off about what was his question was is what. okay we had a twenty six year old guy from Denver millennial the only president he's known as an adult paying attention things mama. and nothing like this ever happened during the Obama administration so he this call once it always this normal is this what politics is going to be. now that's an intriguing question for somebody who is twenty six it's a it's an intriguing answer for somebody is twenty six. because what is the answer is this normal. here's what's normal. for all of you out there who are in this camp your twenty six you're thirty your first vote for president might even two thousand eight or two thousand twelve Barack Hussein all you remember about those years I'm sure what your remember is a peaceful media. you don't remember the media being ramped up against the president every damn day. you don't remember the media newlines stop hating on the president. you remember the media loves saying and respect okay and the door ring the president. you also remember that the president's health care plan was a fiasco when a disaster you also remember that you're probably couldn't find a job that paid you very well. you also remembered that. you were told that the planet was on the way to being destroyed the no bomber was in charge of managing the decline of all these things but what you remember is a peaceful media. that as far as you were concerned reported on the president's sincerely and supportive way. and now since you weren't alive to see any of this with Richard Nixon around all this madness and you weren't old enough to pay attention to it. this is normal when there is a Republican president because the media is not media it's Democrats in the media. this is normal although this was taken to extremes.

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