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Is incredibly popular there, and he's still great at playing the sport of football. Let me see what I have here in front of me. Indeed, I have him running for 1538 yards last year. So there's that. And instead, we're going to go flip for Deandre Hopkins. I love the move, obviously. If this is what's happening, the bills getting Deandre Hopkins and saying, that's Stefon Diggs over there. You don't want to pay too much attention to him. Guess what? There's Deandre Hopkins and Gabe Davis smoking. Smoke routing his way down the field. I kind of dig it. I mean, that's not a very no, not a very strong limb to go out on. A very thin limb, but we'll see what happens. I would do that in a heartbeat. They've been trending all week. It was just like, everyone's just waiting to see what happens with him. What do you think it's worth? Three, four? Well, you know, it's like Albert had the report yesterday that it's going to be in the similar value of the Brandon cook straits. So that was a uniform, right? So what is no brainer? What are you? Well, it's not a sense that he's owed 34 million guaranteed. Who cares? In the next two years. Next two years. So what? I'm just saying. Let me ask this question. I mean, I know what the answer. What he's owed and all that. So 34 money. He's 30 years old. Sorry, turns 31 in June. Okay. Let me ask you this question. When the rams are potentially lamenting, oh, we don't have Jalen Ramsey anymore. Or they're lamenting last year was a pretty, was pretty difficult. Injuries and all that stuff. And, you know, we're not able to keep everybody because we can't pay everybody anymore. And this year might be a little bit more difficult. Do you think when they're going through those conversations? They don't look down at that hand of theirs. And see some shiny object back and just think something different. Of course. That's it. You have to go for it. I don't care how much money it is. Figure it out. They got some smart people in that front office. And you don't know how to do too? I take whatever draft choices I don't have left. What? A third or whatever might cost? For Derek Henry, and get them both. Well, now if that happens. Damien Harris and Derek Henry run in the ball. And Diggs and Hopkins and Davis catch it. And Alan thrown it. Two things. One, that would Trump whatever the jets might be thinking about with Aaron Rodgers. Jeff telling the truth? Jeff Darlington saying they're in on hotel. The jets are? Yeah. Okay. That will Trump. And. You think last year's bandwagon will have the bills preseason in the NFL media world was full? Okay. So there you got that too. Stay tuned. I like that. Deandre Hopkins going to the bills, man, that would be something else. Christian Watson's calling in in ten minutes time. We'll get that the Green Bay packer young man on the phone. I just use those words like I'm an old man. I mean, he's like something. Okay, so Bryce young's at his pro day in the Panthers are talking to him like he's CJ Stroud. I told you. And wait till he works out. He's working out in 20 minutes. He is. NFL plus. Wait till he works out. There you go. Yeah, I mean, like you said, rich, it's going to be yesterday. We were all wowed by CJ throwing the deep balls, throwing the deep outs and now it's Bryce's turn. And that's what's going to be. And then we'll allow this tomorrow. We'll have us is going to throw at 60 yards. Now, if I'm will levis, I put on a and I'm not being taken out to dinner by the Panthers tonight. Then what? I want to, it's not that great. It's the best place to eat in Lexington. I mean, you know, Panthers have taken out Stroud and young to dinner back to back nights. Are they taking out Anthony Richardson on Monday? They should. Sunday Night. If they're not, I'd be concerned if I was one of them. Gene in Florida, let's take his phone call, line one there, Mike. You right here in the rich eisen show, what's up, gene? How you doing, rich? What's going on? I was just wondering what you thought about, I mean, I know we talk a lot about. And Lamar Jackson. And I was just wondering if you think that it's really going to go too far to where I just heard your interview with a guy or now. Thomas Dimitrov, the former general manager. He was like, well, I mean, people really, really quite interested in Lamar. I mean, is he actually doing himself a disservice by not having an agent and just not moving forward with this? I don't know. Here's the thing, gene is like, if he returns to the ravens, some people might say, is like, he's tucking his tail or whatever. By the way, $32 million is a heck of a tail talk that I think most people would take. Certainly he loves ball. He loves ball. He loves playing it. And business is business. He would go back. The question is is what happens in a week, ten week 12? MCL sprain. What happens again? And thanks to the call gene, my counsel to Lamar then would be play and fight through whatever you can. And I know a lot of people say, well, don't do that, Lamar, because you don't want to put your body on the line for somebody who's not putting their money on the line to the way that you want to do it. And that's part of the reason why he wants fully guaranteed money because he's taken a lot of hits. I saw. Our friend Dan Orlovsky say that he's taken maybe a thousand hits in his career, so he should get all the money that he can. The problem for him is the way that the system is currently running. For him,

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