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Yes we could do that bids very dishonest but hill he won't do it though what we could easily do it yeah blamed the media for the kids getting killed they just got two clips to kind of wrap this up and see how this was for this was on cnbc boy those guys are stupid at what i'm the jazz are not where the real after that one of the real leverage lies it's not it's not in how people will we get look a lot of people by with cash they're of their payday loan prayed are all sorts of ways that people by guns and clerel on your furnace and about all guns it's about the ar fifteen right for the benefit of the bureau hasn't actually read it yes i wanna be very clear this is not an this is andrew ross sorkin who's always they'd these suck has to suck them off every morning effort to take guns away from people in america there are laws and and lesson in told people want to change the laws this is not that conversation this is a business conversation about conversation the extent that people believe that corporations are supposed to responsible fifteen how would or and this is about this is about this is this is about semi automatic weapons like the ar fifteen and products like bumps stocks and products like highcapacity magazines which arguably and you look at the polls there are a lot of people even gun owners who find those parts of things objectionable but were there's other people in there's a big second amendment issues say i won't be able to buy my air fifteen i'm not saying by the way that were banning ar fifteen on their certain stores that would have to sell them and decide they don't want to be they don't wanna have access to certain types of credit krause how good as.

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