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Is here with more of America's First News. President Trump will make a primetime address tonight about border security as the partial government shutdown over his border wall continues into its third week. The White House is asking for a five point seven billion dollars for the president's wall. But Democrats have already indicated they won't give him that much funding for a wall soon after networks announce they will air the president's address Democrats said they should be given equal airtime. Meanwhile, Trump claim last week that some former presidents privately confined it to him that they support his mission to build a wall. But as of yesterday every living president has said, otherwise former president Jimmy Carter issued a statement denying that he and Trump had any such conversation. He now joins former. Presidents Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Barack Obama in either. Refuting Trump's claim or denouncing his demands for a wall. An Uber driver charged with killing six people and seriously wounding two more shooting spree around Kalamazoo Michigan in two thousand sixteen has pleaded guilty to all counts against him. Jason Dalton halted jury selection in his trial was surprised guilty pleas to six counts of murder. Two counts of attempted murder and eight counts of felony use of a firearm. Kalamazoo prosecuting attorney Jeff getting I don't know whether there'll ever be a satisfactory answer as to why he did it. Dalton faces life in prison without the possibility of parole. A woman who says she was a sixteen year old sex trafficking victim when she killed a man in two thousand four has been granted clemency by Tennessee's governor. And will be released from prison later this year. Tennessee governor Bill has granted clemency to sin Toya Brown who had been serving a life sentence, but who will be released on parole on August seven. Fifteen years from the date. She was first arrested Pizza Hut. Once more of you to get its pizza and beer the chain which began a beer delivery pilot program in two thousand seventeen is expanding its tests to three hundred sites in Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina and Ohio as well. As more markets in Arizona and California where the project began announcement comes a month ahead of the Super Bowl. One of the chains. Busiest delivery days of the year Pizza Hut. Plans to expand beer delivery to one thousand restaurants by the summer got a liquor store by me that just started doing this, really. They will deliver same day that evening. Okay. And three doors down is the pizza restaurant. Perfect which does not deliver. Well, imagine that the only pizza shop. I know they don't deliver. Yeah. That's weird. It's weird. Like, jen. Twenty two minutes after.

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