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Poetry math has extensive coverage on all the things to do. And the city you're in the checkout. Coach math dot com. That's dot com. With Matt paroled put this idea that it's good for somebody else to have a chance to win. And it's good for the conference, or if you're Jay hawk fan, saying, you know, it's good for the perception Kansas has never missed out on number one seed because people have said will they play in a week conference the conference isn't very good. Okay. You can't be a one-seat. That's never come off Kansas. Never had a problem with the conference at plays in because they're the big boy in the conference, basketball wise, it's Kansas and everybody else every once in a while. You'll see a Kansas state team. Get good like this year, Iowa State from time to time becomes a decent team, Texas Tech once in a while every now and then coming up popping up in the big twelve Missouri used to be in the conference, and when they were in the conference, they were a nice foil. A big rival for Kansas pushing the odds with Matt Peralte weekday afternoons from four eastern on. SP nation radio. Do you like stories about poker gambling, the racetrack the mafia then check out the dynamic new novel Jesus just left Chicago from gal media's Fred Fowler with a mysterious? Biker shows up knows the winner of every race. A group of lifetime losers become convinced. He something supernatural, but success leads to jealousy. The trail and danger at every turn pick up your copy. In paperback, kindle,.

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