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This week week number sixteen in the NFL we'll talk about what happened last week in week number fifteen in the NFL want to talk about making you money when I have free Picts great show first thing I want you to do is take down my toll free tape recorded message to get a game where we believe a team has given up in our professional opinion this team is just lying down the number to call one eight hundred nine four one seven three zero three one eight hundred nine four one seven three oh three so what we're gonna do was willing to bet against this team Emily score a big last week on my recorded message if you call then my big game was the Minnesota Vikings over the San Diego Chargers and Minnesota absolutely destroyed them now if you know these two teams they play each other pretty tight now tell me this could she Adil have played a better game this time a year certain teams are not playing as hard as they should be because they know that no matter what they do they're not going to make the playoffs now what I have is a game that's going to cover that's gonna win by twenty five points above the spread in my professional opinion there is no way this game could lose and I'm gonna give it to you free if you call my toll free number one eight hundred nine four one seven three zero three.

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