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I thought she wasn't that young Barbra Streisand. She was dinner, probably millet, Middle forties. Yeah, Easy, easy here because she's in. I think he's close to 80 now or a little 80 81. She's there's another actor. That is very popular now. Probably not at the time. Mandy the tanking Yes. Great actor, great stage actor and film actor. Yes, exactly. And, Yeah, I think it's more known for stage act yes, much more. They always getting into Maury. The movie's exactly stand again that also had traditional Jewish customs and singing in there. And the dress in the the overall. View of being you know, like Russia in the bad times. The movie was from beautifully. And I was it was well done. She was great in that. In my other one. The last one that are like slow on the lighter side is a little fuckers, but I watch the way I said. Little fuckers. A comedy movie. You mean with the Nero and Ben Stiller? Exactly. Exactly. That has a lot of funny scene. Especially, you know, when the two families meet with Jewish tradition. Yeah, hilarious was on the floor, All right. And and lastly, speaking of the holiday movies that are out, also heard that there is a new short movie release. Maybe you're aware of him. It's entitled any apple filled lates one up the holiday with that. We're gonna let you go. Thanks, Captain. Thanks for calling.

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