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And there are people who are much more expert than I in in climate communication like I'm not trying to do that. Right. I'm just I'm covering the news. But like, they're people whose job, it is to communicate these dangerous to people in ways that have impact who I think probably would say like, please stop saying Mad Max, you know, that's not really like you're not fixing it, and I'm conscious that too especially because I feel more. I mean, I've always felt pretty mission driven as journalist. But I feel maybe more than this is this is the story. You know, this is thus where we have to be telling. And so I think part of that is that I certainly grew up with this personal responsibility narrative about the environment and drive less is definitely part of that. But like, you know, in recycle and like, you know, don't I don't go vegan. Go. Vegan. And it is true like reducing meat consumption using meat consumption. We do a lot for dealing with go. Totally begin. Right. That's true. And everybody going to reduce a lot of greenhouse gas emissions and driving less wood. And all those things are true driving food around the country, less drew. Sure, I mean there are but but the, but it is not. But climate change is not any one of the people sitting in the podcast studio right now individual fault. There are things that we can all do less. But there are things that need to have to happen happen any at policy level, and Anna societal level that make it possible for us to make those changes in our lives, right? An example that is. In California right now, and a lot of places in California right now big fight is about housing and. One of the places that that those clashes about whether cities should be denser and build higher and build four units where there would only be one single family home or in places like the Burien in San Francisco and Berkeley, for example. And these are cities that are like calling them blue insults. Blue like these cities are deeply indigo every progress in every socially progressive sense. But then when you go to them go to cities, intercity policy and say in the past. Okay. We'll so we need to like up zone, the single family housing areas and build more densely the arguments are like, oh, but they'll be shadows. And over that's not we don't have jets parking screw parking things. Yeah. But every piece of research on how cities are built says that denser, cities emit less carbon. And you don't have as much in those cities. Right. The you live near transit, and you can take Bard or you can ride a scooter to to your office instead of place down. Well, okay. So here's the thing about the like, the scooters, which we've covered extensively both in very funny and very serious ways here. Why right? But you want people riding scooters? You want them not in cars, and the way you keep people out of cars is not by telling them drive less especially again, if you are if you're poor and you have to live so far away from your off from where you work, right, right? Because there's no housing near sceviour, commuting two hours. What are your options and help transit might make that four hours in?.

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