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Additionally in sports, Mike Weber has decided that they Rose Bowl will be his last game for the Ohio State buckeyes, he will turn pro after the Rose Bowl. He joins dream on Jones in that effort, Dwayne Haskins junior. Still waiting on his decision. Many people believe. After the season that he had a record breaking season at Ohio State. The Dwayne Haskins junior will likewise make that same decision. And likewise decided to go to the NFL. We'll wait and see I'm wondering how many of you feel about the decisions that a lot of college football players are making now and Denzel ward of the Ohio State buckeyes made that decision last year before the Cotton Bowl. You know what I'm just not gonna play in the ball game. I've got other things to do. I don't really want to risk injury or risk my potential draft status by going into the NFL or by playing the playing the ball game. And and thereby jeopardising where I could potentially be drafted. It's a it's a great debate that rages on now with a lot of sports fans and even non sports fans who look at the responsibility of athletes to their teammates the commitment to their teammates, the the willingness to finish the job so to speak, you can tell by the words that I'm using that my opinion is they should finish the job. They should go with their teammates and finish the season rather than making what I believe is a selfish decision to pull themselves away from their team. So that they can protect their own draft status in the NFL draft. Now, there are many people who will debate just as passionately on the other side of things to say, wait a minute. Why would a kid? Who has the potential of making millions and millions of dollars in the National Football League jeopardize himself in a game for which he gets no return zero return? There's no money involved. There are a few bowl gifts. That's about it. There is the pride that would come with winning whatever that particular bowl game may be. Yes, that's all true. But no monetary return. I understand both sides of the debate. I also realized that I'm pretty much old school in this debate. But I also believe that. You owe it to your teammates to finish the job that you started with them. And I understand that. There are varying levels of talent in all sorts of college football. And guess what? The the best players have the opportunity to go to the NFL. I get that. But if you start a season you start a job, you start whatever it is whatever task you're trying to achieve you do that with your teammates, you roll on with your teammates, and you finish the job with them rather than saying, you know, you guys go play that game. I'll be fine on my own. You guys just go do that. I'll be good on my L. We'll see what happens in terms of the decisions that many other athletes will still have to make between now and the completion of the bowl season. It's almost as though half. I'm applying for a championship. I'm not playing for a national title. Forget it. I'm not doing it. If I'm not gonna do this that I'm no there's just no chance I'm going to play with my team. I just I don't like the trend, and I realized that it is pretty much everywhere. So all right. So what else is going on? Let's let's talk globally. I mentioned before we went to the break that the situation in France in particular in Paris is is not getting any better with the yellow vest protesters. Another person has died as a result of those protests riots that are now into their fifth week, and they just continue to roll out of control. Let's bring in Tom rivers ABC news with the very latest on that. Good morning, Tom. How are you? Pretty good week five is now over here, and they were down substantially year in Paris expected around three thousand people around the country, maybe sixty six thousand, but it is a real expression of people power people fed up with packages up to the right tease and the wealthy getting away with tax breaks left, right and center and the straw, really broke. The camel's back was his fuel tax in mid-november and people said enough's enough. So we've been taking it to the streets here. And again, they've got some concessions. They may get more concessions from the government will have to wait and see and that will be if this process goes on in the coming weeks, Tom just enlightened people who might not be up to speed completely on this. What what is the major issue there? That's got these people out in the streets. Yeah. Well, they basically say that they call macro and the president of the bankers whose his background, of course, was in the investment banker, and he he held no office. And again, he's giving tax breaks for the one percents of the elites, whatever you wanna call them. And of course, since two thousand eight since the big crash, everybody's wages have gone downhill, and it's becoming tougher and tougher and tougher. He really has been out of touch with what normal people are going through. And he says I'm starting to get that now and he's changing his tune, and even so he's partially responsible for some of the disturbances and an ugly scenes we've seen for the parents five weeks in Paris and other cities. Well, that's certainly in itself is a concession. What else are they looking for? What else are the are the protesters looking for type of type of concessions that would make them relax a little bit? And maybe. Draw back on some of these some of these protests. Yeah. Well last week last Monday Macron came forward and said, look I'm going to put a halt on this thirty cents a gallon extra surcharge on gasoline and diesel. Pretty good. Also, he has some concessions for for students and senior citizens so he did not raise their taxes as he was expecting to. There's also kind of interesting phenomenon known as a people's referendum whereby you would get to a large petition maybe seven hundred thousand names on it. And then you submitted before the national assembly here and your Representative in parliament. But then discuss various aspects, maybe another tax at the people, don't like, etc. Etc. So it would get people involved in the democracy in the country here. And and that's something. The government says, look, let's talk about it. There needs to be a lot more detail work that goes into the let's let's talk about it. So we'll see where it goes as I say it is starting here. The concessions are starting the dialogue is starting. But it's got a long way to go. Let's hope that they continue steps in that direction. Tom. Thank you very much. I appreciate that six fifty. Let's do traffic and weather. Do it every ten minutes on the tens TempStar heating and cooling. We'll have to wait because Alison wind has a news, news tease. I we got teen vaping on the rise. The monitoring the future survey found that the use of electric cigarettes as they second most common form of substance abuse. Now just behind drinking alcohol their scrapping that planned attacks. Text messages in California New SEC rule prevents the state from taxing. Text message plans and your beer could even be in danger from the bug this spotted.

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