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When i'm talking about this i'm talking about on the personnel end. Don't get stuck at the end of a run if you want. Somebody now be proactive. Because we were just talking about fantasy football and it's one of my favorite things when the defense run starts or the tight end. Run starts when you're drafting and fantasy football than everyone's like oh my gosh i gotta get a tight end because there's five good ones out there that you know you could count on all year and then you're looking at man. You're you're looking at matt crane check from the two thousand five steelers. You know you're like oh my gosh. I've got to throw this guy. I gotta grab zack. Gentry because they don't have a tight end you get to that point so when if they are serious about bringing in a free agent and a lot of people want another outside linebacker to rush off the edge they won another defensive back in steeler nation. That's what people were talking about. Be proactive in. Just don't get stuck in half to keep up with the joneses okay. Yeah i'm gonna go with something that's very simple. Someone said this. In the live chat that i saw They stole my thunder a little bit. Why in the world have the steelers not signed candidate. He's there last draft pick to go under contract. He is yet to be signed. I'm not joking with you. So when the steelers around rookie minicamp. They signed a bunch of their rookies in. Then when ta started They signed a bunch more. And then obviously minicamp everyone's waiting. I've had this article pre written now for months. I'm not joking months. Dave scofield went in and he actually had all the numbers because he knows exactly how much these rookie contracts are going to be. How much they're gonna count against the cap. It's all been in there. All we literally need is the news. Break take take the tweet. Put it in their hit publish and there. You go nothing. What in the world is going on. It doesn't make sense to me. He's a third round draft. Pick when you've got rounds one and two those graphics obviously in fire than harris already locked up. What the heck's taking so long. I don't know So for me. That's the next thing is get kendra. Green under contract was he. They're not gonna want him participating in anything camp if he's not signed so they've got to get that deal though. Yeah i really have to question what's going on here. Who's holding this up jin agents. I don't know who the agent is but as a player. I don't care if you're a rookie or not just like come on. Get me in there. I'm calling every day. I'm like get me in there like nobody. We've got a hold out. No the you're talking slots. This is not nineteen eighty-seven when rod woodson didn't report until week eight. You know you're not in that situation anymore. You're talking about slots and your third round pick. At this point you've got a question the validity of your agent at this point when their slots. I do not get this. At all jeff. The end he showed up to every. Ot didn't business one was rookie. Minicamp was at mandatory minicamp. Didn't i guess technically He didn't have to go to those mainly because he wasn't under contract. But i don't know i don't know anyways what's next on your list. I don't want to spend too much time on that so next on. My list is to make sure that this team is prepared with scheme. And i'm talking about on the coaching end. All the dot. All the is dotted all the ts crossed. And make sure that you know how your how you script the games. I would like to see it. And i would think that it's happening but make sure that you've got a training camp script and you're comfortable with it but you've got plan b. and plan c. for anything that happens in. I'm sure they are. But i just wanna make sure that on the administrative end with the coaches that they're ready to go in there thinking outside the box. It's a good one. That's a really give them. The coaching staff. There are some new faces. They're on both sides of football so especially on offense with clam in canada and People like that. I'm gonna go with Thinking a little bit outside the box you get a deal done now. You brought up free agents in the ron and if you wanna play gun and get them. I'm thinking about. What if they wanna lock up one of their own. The everyone's going t. Tj watt right off the bat. Everyone's gonna say you're tj watch on monster deal and they will but what if it's not him. What if he's not necessarily now. I have always go back to. What dave scofield always says in. That is unless you can get a deal done. That can get his Connors salary cap hit down than what it is right now. It's not worth doing it. Wait until after the season So they might do that but what if they were to say you know what. Let's give make his patrick in extension. Maybe they'll thinking they can get him cheaper by signing him now rather than him playing this season than having to deal with something else. Or here's another name. What about joe. He'd what if they feel that there's still value there. They like what he brings to the team but has a leader and is someone that is still has a lot left in the tank. Maybe he could be someone. That is a a hybrid type defensive. Act that could play safety if you need. You could decrease his a lot in that. Then impact brian. What uber earlier in terms of signing other players. Maybe they get a deal done with one of those players. Maybe there's someone else that i'm leaving off the list That you know. Hey get an extension. Get someone locked up. Never a bad thing. In my opinion. I agree completely in that you dave scofield had the he had the article last week and he talked about it about once. Training camp starts and right at the beginning of training camp. It's very rare that you're going to wrap somebody up. Typically what we've seen over the past few. I'd say like past ten years. There have been a lot of deals done right before the start of the season. Like right after cuts and right before that first game we've seen it with guys like cam we've seen it with my gosh i remember. I believe it was two thousand. Fourteen and marcus. Gilbert and court has allen. They got him on the morning of the opener against cleveland. I know cortez. Allen didn't ended up not working out. That's a kind of that. Deal came and then boom he was not..

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