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I hate sane buildings that looked like houses, but aren't actually houses. What do you mean? There's there's buildings that they say oh nice house. But it's it's actually a dentist office or funeral home. That bothers me that's interesting. So weird. Any odd ones like that? I don't like smelly. Uber's or like anytime. I'm like, it's really I feel bad like giving people like low star rating or something like that. But sometimes I've been in a car were like a half to get out of this car. And I'm like, but that's your your job is to like create like a good environment in your car. That's the least you can do. And sometimes I'm like, this is just a torturous experience. And I've had that too many times in New York. Uber guy in the city sometimes. Well, just think. Yeah. It's just easier in particular where we are like to get an over to get attached. Better chance will smell better. Usually a better chance are that my other thing, and this is just tell me if this is true or false. You seem like you'd be into aliens and space, I'm into space. Score one for me. One hundred percent. But it's just it's more likely that they are than they aren't by a lot. But but but that that they'll come to earth or been earth that can't say with any certainty, but it's just the universe. Not to get too crazy, but the universe and the multi verse it so unfathomably fathom ably large and the way that we came the be is. So it could it could be done again under the right set of circumstances. And it just seems that many chances that yes that it would be I actually think it might not be that big the university. We don't know for. Sure, it's. Oh, yeah. Like, you know, we're expand. It's got to be big. But we don't know laugher. Sure. I guess we don't we haven't been there. I mean. Yeah. We have pretty good evidence. That shows if you could pick one MLB player to be an alien that you think like, oh, this guy could be Elliott who would. Chapman. Maybe. I mean, he's a freak. He's you know, there's some guys that are just different. They're different. Yeah. Now last question this bullpen is being hyped big time, and it kind of is every year of the Anki this year. It's I mean, we add you bring back Britain Dallin, we got Chapman. Even if Canley concern around green green. Do you like what is the potential here? Do you think this could be the best bullpen of all time? I mean, I think on paper. It's it's obviously very very six closers. Yeah..

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