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See didn't that feel good? Feel better now. I feel a little bit better. I know you feel a little better. So yeah, I want to get a safe special languages music, and then yeah. Just more read and more to do more audio books. Maybe an audio book a week. Fuck audio book books what I'm not gonna say that might get like audiobook sponsors or some shit. Be what I don't know. People are the podcast audio books. Feel like they're in the same world. You know what I'm saying? I'm not gonna talk shit. I just don't like audio books like reading. I don't even like that. Fuck it in PDF fucking e books shit. I like paper books I like paper books too. But I audio book just because. You kind of put it on before you go to sleep. And then. Follow if you fall asleep. Not as my senior, Brian Brian is advanced computer, it can absorb you can absorb knowledge why you sleep, and then, you know, situation pop-up, you'd think you don't know that the pop up, and then you spouting out facts. Nineteen seventy seven when that happened. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Fell asleep fell asleep with Bernie MAC book. Yeah. I've been I'm so I'm gonna do like maybe one audio book a week with an one regular book every two weeks. And and then as in star bag drinking in March. Now, you don't mean that. You don't mean that right now, you don't mean start that. Yeah. In March though. I like the sober Hannibal. Well. Things about the change brother about the spiral. Ow. Yeah. South by south west. That's the plan. Oh, I'll just have one. How does have one? He's gonna be fine. Everybody. How does have one? Fast forward hour and a half later. While while while while I like doll. A lot at all while on the dance floor. Jokin? Which I served off. Shirt off. Just. See hand signals they out they work. The..

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