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Corey caught i don't know who he was he was great i ended up going to see him on broadway 'cause i was so into that's kind of the goals of this whole thing so hopefully i mean there are names of people no i think you guys some people know how could on the list as we there are gonna go we got alan coming who is gush some i i can't imagine people don't know allen i mean i'm kinda here's what would you guys think of alan coming if if i just mentioned him or like oh my god i i think cabaret yeah cavuto well he's also you know decorated movie actor he's he's night crawler he's like brought healty he is brother royalty he's so he's hosted the tony in his last name is coming i mean who let's not to like i exactly so that's l and he he's gonna be a big name for us and he's going to put on a really funny show because i've seen as kabir act and he's right some some newcomer namely a michelle liam michelle smith just seems okay lee michelle's going to be there the amount sharon darren criss is performing yes he so he'll wait till the very end until i am telling you if i had my way man i wouldn't perform at this thing i just said well because it's not about me it's about the okay okay that's where i gotta stop you it is a lot about darren criss nuggets live in the third reserved dare darren will come out and perform with a lot of these performers to i'm i'm going ruining it for yeah okay michelson is going to be there were loving good michelson has now train of her and someone someone who he's got his career kind of started on our show is jeremy jordan is oh is at the very top of the show he's incredible course on dancing with the stars as well jeremy and people might know him from walt from disease inducing sorts i was gonna say super girl but i conceal those can get confused.

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