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Actually really look like so. Can you talk. just summarize. I guess a little bit about why you wrote this bulk and thibout yes. We're playing with fire. This was a book that there was another publisher a few years back that this idea came about of doing journalistic exploration from a christian lens but as journalists sort of diving into this topic and at the time i moved away from it we had a book offer and i was like you know what i prayed about it. I just felt like. I'm more into politics right now. Of course i care about faith. I'm a lifelong christian. But i don't want to touch this dark topic and so it felt very dark to me. I moved away from it. And i have to tell you that god has a way of bringing us back to the things he wants us to do. And so i basically had a book offer dropped on my lap to do this a couple of years after the original book offer and i sat on it for two months just praying about it and thinking about it and for me even when i worked at the blaze we would sometimes get these stories right. You'd get these mainstream outlets that we're covering possession stories and so i was always intrigued by it and we would cover them and we do our due diligence to try to understand what people were claiming had happened but i realized there was this profound disconnect between the claims that people were making right and the things we see in the bible and what is being talked about not only in secular circles but christian circles and when i went to write playing with fire we did survey research among church leaders and it was really remarkable to see that the vast majority of church leaders would say. Yeah we believe in demons. Yeah we believe that by the way church leaders are not just passers people who are in bible studies and all sorts of different leadership positions. But they say we believe all this we know it impacts culture but then when you'd ask the question is your church talking about this enough the vast majority would say no and so that disconnect for me. I really felt compelled obviously to work on this project. As i prayed about it but i became intrigued by that because i thought gosh i don't think there's another topic talked about so frequently in scripture particularly the new testament and spoken about so infrequently in churches and that is concerning because at the end of the day hollywood and this is sort of remarkable at the same time. Churches are talking less about this. You've got hollywood. Churning out the conjuring the conjuring to all these demon possession movies right again and again and again and so hollywood is actually improperly. But they're talking about a topic more so than the churches and it's actually a church topic so that was sort of thing that really helped me into this. Yeah so let's talk about demonic activity and the power that satan actually has honest. Let's start with the specific question. So i don't leave it. So open ended. One question that i get a lot is to satan. Have control of your mind contain. Read your thoughts to satan. Have control of your thoughts. Let's start there and kind of move outwards. Can you answer that question. Yeah it's really interesting. I guess the answer to the question is how much have you allowed satan into your life right and so the thing in talking with so many theologians and pastors i mean the general premise. Here is that you go back to a vision. Six right and for me. A fusion six is such a fascinating chapter because it tells us everything we need to know about good and evil and it's encapsulated in just a few verses but it tells us we're in a battle over good and evil that what protects us from that battle taking up..

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