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He wants to make sure that Trump has beaten at twenty twenty. And he wants to be very confident that if he runs these wearing because he's the person who's best able to do that now I think he is, but I'm not the candidate and if he decides he is, I think the chance of running much higher. I think if he what about age Jeff, I mean, you know, I know he's an energetic guy. Anybody watches them on. TV can see that, but there are certain immutable laws early, not David. So you're, you're willing to test that. But I mean, I've been with the candidate in in in in been several candidates in presidential races. I know what they exact- I know what the presidency exacts. How much of a consideration is your look? You know, chronological age is one thing. You know, his biological age has to be has to, you know, his body has to just be younger. I mean, the guy puts you know, he puts Twenty-three-year-old media people, you know to shame try to follow him around. I mean, the hardest working person. I know he doesn't stop. This isn't a concern for you? Not not for me in terms of his ability to do it. Absolutely not. No. If I, if I thought he was going to look, the guy has had the guy. The guys had an electoral career guys, United States Senator. He was close runner for president got forty, three percent of having Leicester's Greer's. You've been around a while. Right? He has been around for a while. So like there's if he decides run for president, you know, the guys galvanized the whole generation of young people to get involved in politics. He's changed the debate in this country. I mean, so like he has nothing to prove to me, you know, I think you'd be a great president. I think he could institutionalize a lot of the policies that he has been advocating that have caught fire around the country. Last time he ran as you point out it was, hey, he and Hillary basically alone this time. As we point out, there's going to be a large field. Some of them are right in his lane. Elizabeth Warren who's already announced that she's going to seriously consider it, which I would take as a kind of very. Signal and everything she's doing suggests that that she's going to run. They do share a base on the surpassed. Bula laughed. She has the additional of quality of of being a woman, which I think especially in this day and age is is, is is a valuable asset will be in the primaries are in two thousand and twenty. I saw poll that was just done recently in Iowa of caucus-goers and it had Biden ahead substantially and then warn was second Sanders narrowly behind. Essentially they were splitting. What would I think have been the Sanders vote? So can they both run in the same race and be successful well, and you're, you're right. There was a BuzzFeed star recently about this sort of relationship of. You know, Warren versus Sanders and I think you're right to say that it's his lane. I mean he ran last time when she did not. You know, I think there is some resentment among some of his people that she did. She supported Hillary Clinton and not him, but I do look. I do think at a crowded field. There's room for both of them. I've seen the rich. I thought she was neutral. None of she ended up supporting Hillary and so there you know and I've seen other research and what you have to understand about Iowa. You know how Bernie Sanders, I think probably won the popular vote nihil, but because you know, they don't report the popular vote..

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