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More at NSF dot gov. This is a Bloomberg market minute. Netflix may need to play against type this here. Twenty nine thousand nine is going to be a year where it's very challenging for net flicks to kind of maintain market dominance, Andre Swanson CEO of true optic, Disney, AT and T potentially NBC universal. There's also a lot of free streaming solutions that are gaining rapid market share disease. Also, pulling some content off net flex, but Paul Verna analyst emarketer says looks has its new A-List ready, including a production deal with the Obamas. And with Grey's, anatomy writer and producer shonda rhimes bad. Kind of celebrity driven strategy is gonna pay off for them and Netflix also allowing viewers to pick their own outcomes in black mirror episodes like bender snatch. But even if you choose your own plot, you may still get the same ending John Klein president dealing says winter is coming for net. Flicks. Look over the next several years. It's just gonna be much stiffer headwind that they're selling into Denise Pellegrini. Bloomberg radio. Did you know there are other signs of Asia? Besides facial redness, bumps and pimples, visible blood. Vessels other signs include burning stinging or swelling of the face even enlargement of the nose. Rosie. She can also affect the is causing a bloodshot appearance and irritation that could lead division loss. If you have any sign of rosacea see apologist and ask about advances in treatment or visit the national rosacea society at rosacea dot org. Join us Monday for the case Piquet afternoon news, the latest on the inauguration of Gavin Newsom the afternoon news starts at four on News Radio cave.

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