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From my apartment rob has a podcast and Here's the guy who still has the same lame came up winning and the music for ten years running. I am rob sister. Nino love everybody. Welcome mm to this very special edition of Rob has a podcast where we are going to be talking about. Ten Years of Rob Rob has a podcast. This is not necessarily going to be a clip show of clips from ten years of the PODCASTS. Although we will hear here some clips along the way this was basically my idea of how in the world did we get here from where we started ten years ago. Of course Most listeners. I think might know that. In addition to Wednesday night being the survivor forty premier. It is also going to be the ten year anniversary of a rob has a podcast on February twelve. Twenty twenty that the the first episode of the PODCAST was actually on February twelfth. Twenty ten. So we're going to be celebrating our ten year anniversary. We have a lot of stuff going on this week to celebrate that including on Wednesday night we're going to have our big Premiere Party and ten year anniversary celebration here in in Los Angeles we have a whole big show plan. We'll be bringing you all of those Celebrations as well during the week this Wednesday night that we are going to have this really big party. There's going to be a a celebration. There of the ten years of rob has a podcast. We'll be doing about forty five minutes show before we have the west coast viewing of the episode. So that is going to hit your podcast feed video you later on this week. And we'll have red carpet interviews with everybody that's going to be there. That's going to also be available on our youtube channel. So be on the look for that and then we will. We'll have our live no at all with everybody. That is there at the celebration. That's going to be after the west coast airing so you gotta stay up late. If if you're on the East Coast for the alive otherwise everything will be available for you in the podcast and on video. Of course we really appreciate you. Subscribe driving to the podcast making sure you're subscribed here at the start of the saviour season rob has website dot com slash. itunes greatly appreciate that here at the start.

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